Brandon Morse: Somebody #SaveBiden From the DNC

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There’s clearly something wrong with former VP and defacto winner of the Democratic primary, Joe Biden.

The guy can hardly keep his thoughts together, he’s continuously stumbling over his words, and I’m not entirely sure he knows where he is half the time. He’s certainly expressed confusion about when he is.


The Democratic National Committee and the media definitely see this just like everyone else does. We can easily deduce that they do by the way they continuously tip-toe around the subject and don’t mention it at all. Why do they avoid talking about it? Because Biden has always been their last hope. He’s a desperate throwback to their golden era of Obama, he constantly polled well against Trump, and he was the only person capable of pushing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders out.

It’s always been Biden or bust.

So they throw a man who clearly isn’t well onto the national stage to compete against a man who shows next to no mercy on the debate stage and whom the people are very here for. As Joe Rogan recently said on his podcast, “Trump is going to eat Biden alive.”

While this would normally be fun to watch, I’m not sure it will this time. Biden isn’t equipped healthwise to deal with Trump. He’s confused, he’s tired, and he needs to be taken off the stage. At this point, watching Biden get pummeled by Trump is just going to make me feel sorry for him.


That’s why I want to start the hashtag “#SAVEBIDEN.” That dude needs to be taken off the stage, or at the very least, the DNC needs to be shamed for resorting to putting a sick man on a national stage who doesn’t need to be there.


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