CNN's Brian Stelter Trips and Faceplants Over Contradictions While Accusing Trump of Self-Isolating at Fox News

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Brian Stelter attends the 11th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


CNN’s Brian Stelter is the gift that keeps on giving. There’s no take too hot, no position too extreme, and no suggestion too stupid when it comes to his crusade to make you believe that Orange Man is bad.

Stelter wrote an op-ed on Monday titled “Trump is self-isolating at his safe space: Fox News” bemoaning the fact that President Donald Trump seems to have isolated himself at Fox News. The reason, Stelter suggested, was to rally his base (most of America) and “avoid difficult questioning”:

On Monday morning he called in to “Fox & Friends,” one of his most reliable sources of support, and praised his own response to the pandemic.

It was Trump’s third interview on Fox in the past week, and it was more of the same: He talked for 54 minutes with hardly a tough question or assertive follow-up.

If the ratings-conscious president had wanted to reach a bigger audience, he would have called into the “Today” show or “Good Morning America.” If he had wanted to be heard on the global stage, he would have granted an interview to CNN.

His decision to stay on Fox suggest he wants to shore up his base — and avoid difficult questioning.

The idea that Trump is only talking to Fox News is demonstrably wrong. Trump has been standing in front of a hostile media every day, taking their questions about the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic and sparring with them over the narratives they attempt to create.


I know this, you know this, and Stelter knows this. In fact, he says it in the very article accusing Trump of not talking to anyone but Fox News:

To be fair, Trump has been participating in near-daily briefings at the White House with members of his coronavirus task force. He has quarreled with multiple reporters at the briefings and bristled when they pressed him about his handling of the crisis.

Stelter spends the rest of the article complaining that Trump is willing to go on Fox News shows like “Hannity,” admitting that it rates No. 1 on the cable news charts but says that programs like “60 Minutes” and “World News Tonight” have larger audiences than Hannity.

This is actually true. Sean Hannity consistently achieves nearly 5 million viewers a night while “60 Minutes” tops out at around 10 million. Despite the wider audience, Stelter believes that the reason he avoids shows outside of Fox News for interviews is that “the president would face some serious questioning on those shows” and so he “steers clear — even when the United States is suffering through of the toughest stretches in its history.”

He finishes by stating that Trump has turned down all CNN media requests.


While I do believe Trump should be asked tough questions, there’s a difference between tough questioning and narrative creation through questioning. The media tends to confuse the two, attempting to create narratives that damage Trump such as the accusation of racism over identifying the virus by its place of origin even though the very same media was doing the same thing just a few weeks ago. The truth is, Trump sees other mainstream media outlets as a massive waste of time and frankly, he can’t be blamed.


Does anyone honestly think that if Trump appeared on CNN that they would give him a fair shake? They’ve been doing everything in their power to make him seem like a villain. They even crafted reports that make him seem like a horrible leader compared to China, our communist enemies and the country that created this virus in the first place.

Stelter himself can’t put pen to paper without spewing his TDS all over the page and then making claims that are easily contradicted, even by his own self.

Furthermore, I’d rather not hear CNN hosts talk about Trump isolating himself when CNN has decided it will no longer air Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefings. I can’t take their outrage about Trump only speaking to a media that will air his comments in full when CNN is only allowing its viewers to see his comments through their biased filters, which is another contradiction that I don’t see them talking about.


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