Trump's High Approval Numbers Have the Left Enraged

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Donald Trump speaks during press briefing with the Coronavirus Task Force, at the White House, Wednesday, March 18, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The Wuhan Coronavirus was supposed to be the event that brought President Donald Trump down and paved the way for Democrats to retake the White House in 2020. Sadly for them, Trump is experiencing approval number boosts not seen since 2018 according to a HarrisX poll.

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This has members of the left absolutely fuming in rage.

One such outlet is the radical feminist outlet Jezebel who has seen the polls and is far from happy about it. In fact, author Esther Wang decided to throw a massive hissy fit about Trump’s approval ratings titled “Don’t Let Trump Get Away With It.”

The article begins with a very long paragraph that contains a lot of falsehoods about Trump’s actions in handling the pandemic and ends with the phrase “it’s becoming clear that Donald Trump is probably getting away with this.”

I’ll spare you the tantrum-throwing that Wang engages in throughout this article, which features her calling the Republicans a “death cult” which is hilarious seeing as how Jezebel is one of the most pro-abortion rags on the net.

Suffice to say she takes a long time to get around to the point that the reason Trump’s approval ratings aren’t in the dirt is that in lieu of having massive rallies, he’s now using the Coronavirus as a way to appear to millions of American people through his daily press conferences, and is using that to boost his standing:

Now prevented from holding his campaign rallies, he’s using the coronavirus pandemic as a sort of shadow campaign, doubling down on the red meat that his base loves in his daily coronavirus task force briefings; he is likely delighted that they are broadcast to an audience of millions. The message has not deviated all that much: The news media is corrupt and pushing “fake news,” foreigners are bad and the borders need to be closed, and he’s taking decisive action.

Wang points the finger at the media for this rise in Trump’s approval rating and not just the “rightwing spin machine”:

But it’s not just the rightwing spin machine that’s working for him—all of the major news and cable networks have been airing his daily briefings live, giving him the platform he wants and one that allows him to cosplay governance.

Let’s get some things straight about what Trump is doing.

We live in wildly uncertain times. We’ve been confronted with a virus that we don’t know a lot about that has proven to be highly contagious and deadly. Our economy is in the toilet with Americans losing their businesses and jobs every day. Uncertainty is now a regularity and we desperately want to know what’s going on and what the people at the top are doing to make sure this becomes manageable.

Trump has proven himself to be the kind of guy who wants to show up in person and lead from the front. He daily comes to the American people and gives them updates on what’s going on, gives them something to look forward to with the delivery of as much good news as he can give them.

While journalists and most Democrats are annoyed by his visage appearing on their televisions daily, most Americans are welcoming of it. They like seeing their leader lead and bring good news. This kind of thing is a service Trump is performing for the people. That it’s boosting his numbers isn’t a mystery.

Wang is off the mark by saying this is a stand-in for his rallies. At his rallies, Trump is surrounded by adoring fans and isn’t really asked any questions. He’s not confronted or made to fight a narrative. It’s all him on rally stages.

Not at these press updates. There he stands before many hostile members of the media who ask him questions ranging from the legitimate to the asinine. There are no cheering fans or chants of “USA.” Just a room full of clacking cameras and demands for answers as to whether or not he’s racist, stupid, or irresponsible. Endless narratives, most of them false, that seek to damage Trump are created from these in-person updates.

Trump is going above and beyond to serve while the media is going above and beyond to serve themselves. Don’t think this is lost on the American people. It shows in the polls which have Trump’s trustworthiness higher than the media’s in terms of Coronavirus reporting.

The question is now, what do leftists like Wang suggest? That Trump no longer give these daily updates? That the networks refuse to air them? That somehow, someway, Trump be throttled from talking about the Coronavirus at all?

If any of those receive a “yes,” then that says a lot about the left. People are clearly taking comfort in Trump’s regular appearance. They like receiving updates and they want to have an elected leader that comes and answers to them on the daily. If the answer is “yes,” then we can only conclude that the left is willing to deprive the people of comfort and information directly from the source all in an effort to increase the odds that they’ll be looked upon more favorably down the line.

If they’re looking to be looked upon more favorably, they can start by reporting honestly, stop sensationalizing, and work with Trump instead of constantly against him. It’s annoying and lends no help to what’s going on, and we, the American people, see it.


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