The View Cranks Up the Crazy, Accuses Trump of Only Wanting to Fix Economy to Save His Hotels

In this Feb. 28, 2017 photo released by ABC, co-hosts, from left, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Jedediah Bila appear during a broadcast of, “The View,” in New York. The unquenchable thirst for chatter about President Donald Trump has changed the dynamics of a fierce daytime television competition much as it has in late-night TV. “The View” has spent more time talking politics with the arrival of a new administration, stopping the momentum of its rival “The Talk,” which sticks to pop culture. (Paula Lobo/ABC via AP)



President Donald Trump has been working day and night to try to make sure our country and our economy stay afloat as we all deal with this pandemic, yet the hostesses at The View believe that the only reason Trump is putting attention on reviving our economy is that it’s hurting his hotel business.

The View’s Sunny Hostin claimed that Trump was no longer listening to his health advisors and is pushing an end to the quarantines because his Trump hotels are bleeding money.

“For him to just sort of flout that advice tells me that there’s something in it for him,” Hostin said. “And it tells me there’s something economic in it for him. When you look at Trump’s personal businesses, you know that he is losing almost $500,000 per day because six out of his seven hotels are losing money. They are shuttered every day.”

Trump is currently hoping that we can return to business as usual by Easter on April 12.

“I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” Trump said. “If we delay this thing out, you’re going to lose more people than you’re losing with the situation as we know it.


According to Axios, Dr. Anthony Fauci told reporters that areas less affected by the virus, and where cases are low or non-existent, could possibly resume normalcy by Easter, but cautioned places with greater infection rates to possibly quarantine longer:

“You can look at a date, but you’ve got to be very flexible — on a literally day-by-day and week-by-week basis. … Obviously, no one is going to want to tone down things when you see what’s going on in a place like New York City. That’s just good public health practice and common sense,” Fauci said.

“But the country is a big country. And there are areas of the country … that we really need to know more about what the penetrance is there. So, if we do the kind of testing … and you find after a period of time that there are areas that are very different from other areas of the country, you may not want to essentially treat it as a just one force for the entire country. But look at flexibility in different areas,” he added.

Trump’s eagerness to get the economy moving again comes as many people are losing their jobs and businesses are shuttering, plunging America’s economy into dire straits. If areas of the country can safely return back to normal, they should do so. However, Trump hotels are in big cities where infection rates are naturally higher.


Fauci has stated that Trump is listening to his advice on this matter and acting with it in mind, making it clear that Trump understands that a return to normalcy likely isn’t going to happen where his hotels are located, at least not quite yet. Trump is aiming to allow Americans to get back to work as soon as possible, even if it means his family business can’t yet.

Hostin’s assumptions are misguided and frankly, a bit crazy.


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