Daily LOL: Somebody Replaced Google's Democrat Party Logo With a Rat

Google’s Democrat logo of the jackass was replaced with a rat by some pranksters on Monday to great effect. Needless to say, the social media-sphere couldn’t stop circulating the results of the prank.


The prank involved changing the Google “knowledge panel” that pops up at the top right of your computer screen when you search for various things. The box is supposed to give you quick hits of information on a certain topic, allowing you to get the gist of a topic without having to search any further. Normally, when you search for the Democratic Party, the star-spangled red and white donkey pops up as its representing image.

However, Mashable reported that the Democrats hadn’t actually claimed their own “knowledge panel,” leaving it susceptible to change by anyone, since knowledge panels contain information generated by the web itself, including images.

This allowed for the image to be changed for a whole 90 minutes before Google stepped in and changed it back.

Google is not taking responsibility for the picture change. In fact, they kind of made sure the Democratic Party understood it was theirs.

“Most images in Knowledge Panels are automatically generated from pages on the web. When errors are reported, we fix them quickly. We encourage people and organizations to claim their Knowledge Panels, which allows them to select a representative image,” said the Google representative.


Despite the fact that the image was quickly changed, the Internet still had fun with it.



While I do like the change, I think the jackass is probably more fitting. The mascot was given to the Democrats back in the time of Andrew Jackson. When Jackson was called a “jackass” he decided to use the insult as a badge of honor.

Today, you can find many Democrats proudly being represented by the jackass.


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