The LGBT Movement Is Losing L's and G's and One Monumental Video Says Why

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I’ve known gay and lesbian people all my life and I don’t think one of them could be represented by the mainstream LGBT movement today. They’re upstanding citizens who cherish certain values as much as you and I do. Many are conservatives who are appalled by what they see being celebrated in the media, such as “drag queen story hour” and the young “drag kid” Desmond is Amazing.

I highlight how bad “drag queen story hour” got in the video below.

As you can see just with that little segment, the LGBT community has gone far beyond same-sex relationships. It’s now gone into territory that includes sexualizing children and glorifying the mental illness of gender dysphoria to the point where they’ve become untouchable to public criticism.

It’s also a movement that was sold to the public as being about “love” and “equality,” yet it consistently promotes hatred and rejection of men, white people, Christians, straight people, and traditional values.

Many gays and lesbians I know have none of these prejudices ingrained in them, even if they fundamentally disagree with some of them. While I have met some within the LGBT community that do, I can say that I’ve run into more level headed gays and lesbians than hateful, angry ones.

So it would appear that the movement got away from them. How?

That’s easy to deduce. When the LGBT movement first collectively set what its goals were, it was coming from a place of wanting to be accepted for who they are. Over time, more and more extremism was introduced into the movement under that banner, and it became “accept me or you’re a bigot.” Soon, people were afraid to speak out for fear of being a pariah in their own community. It would make them an outcast in a community they came to because they already felt like outcasts in the greater community. That’s twice the rejection.

So they stayed quiet and maybe even feigned acceptance or even promotion. Soon the LGBT movement spiraled out of control and you have kids being invited to lay on top of drag queens or take photos next to them while they’re nude.

As weird as this sounds, the LGBT movement was taken over by the social justice movement, and as we’ve seen time and again, the social justice movement destroys everything it touches.

So now it would appear that the L’s and the G’s in the LGBT movement are beginning to abandon the movement. Perhaps at one point, it could have been considered apolitical to a degree, but now it’s become a hard-left, radicalized movement that promotes hatred and pedophilia.

YouTuber Arielle Scarcella, for instance, is a lesbian who has had enough. Last Friday, she posted a video saying as much and did something very brave for someone in her position.

She left the left.

Citing all the insanity that the ultra-left LGBT movement has become, Scarcella makes it clear that she didn’t sign up for this and wants off of the ride.

She starts the video by showing the bald woman who found a group of Trump supporters and began screaming at the top of her lungs at them. Not saying any words, just screaming.

(Watch: Screeching Bald Leftist Screams at MAGA Crowd Because Why Not?)

She immediately goes into announcing her beliefs, and they’re beliefs that run completely contrary to the beliefs of the modern-day mainstream LGBT movement. She says she doesn’t believe gender is a social construct and doesn’t believe that it’s transphobic to not be attracted to transgender people if they’re biologically a sex you’re not attracted to. She states that she doesn’t believe there are 97 genders or that male sex offenders belong in women’s prisons if they identify as women.

“I don’t think like these people and I no longer want to be associated with them,” said Scarcella in her video.

Scarcella goes on to say that she’s never been attacked more viciously than she has by people from the LGBT community for expressing her opinions, which she admits, have begun to get more conservative lately.

“I am coming out. I am officially leaving the left,” said Scarcella.

If it were just one person, I’d still be glad to see this. However, it’s not just one person. If you venture into her comments, you begin to see a larger picture.

“I could not agree more! I’m a 19 year old lesbian and just tired of this SJW stuff. I’m so glad there are still some people with sanity within the community,” said one commenter.

“Lol girl I’m a black lesbian and I’m leaving along with you! This is insane,” posted another.

“I’m a 17 year old lesbian and when i was 15 i lied awake at night wondering if i was a ‘terf’, if i was a bigot, if i wasn’t activist enough, if it was bad i didn’t want to literally punch people that didn’t believe in gay marriage/trans bathrooms or didn’t wanna date trans women,” wrote another.

“I’m a lesbian, out and in a relationship for years, and I HATE that I feel like I’m slowly going back into the closet because it’s getting embarrassing to say that I’m into LGBT rights and feminism. Things are getting way out of hand,” wrote another.

“Most of us didn’t leave the Left. The Left left us. I’ve marched, I’ve supported, I was an ally. But I peaked a few weeks ago. And I’m heartbroken. But Arielle you and I are not becoming more conservative. We’re still where we’ve always been,” posted another. 

“To put things very simply, I did not transition to be “woke,” commented another.

There are a ton more just like these, but you get the point. It’s not just one, it’s many.

Scarcella’s video is an extremely important one. It shows you the rift in the left that has gotten so extreme that even people who hold beliefs once considered extreme think it’s gone too far. It shows you that even gays and lesbians are now under attack by their own movement for not accepting certain beliefs.

Even more horrifyingly, it shows you that the LGBT movement has gone so far as to pressure its own members into sexual relationships with trans people, and shaming them if they don’t. How is this not sexual harassment, or if carried out, how is it not rape?

Things have gotten out of control and it’s making people who would be considered leftist by default leave the left.

This should show you just how radical and out of control the left has gotten.


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