Matt Gaetz Goes on "The View" and Begins Running Circles Around Everyone

SCREENSHOT: Rep. Matt Gaetz on "The View"

The View is always a good place to see fireworks and trainwrecks, sometimes all in the same show. The lefty hostesses, along with Meghan McCain, are oftentimes the subject of many articles due to their often shallow leftist stances mixing with right-leaning guests that they bring on.


Apparently, they found that having a diversity of opinion and right-leaning guests on the show brings in more viewers so they’ve been doing it way more often.

Their latest guest was Republican Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. The young lawmaker has been making a name for himself as he often plays the attack dog during committee hearings. The latest being the congressional impeachment hearings where Gaetz made headlines for tearing apart Democrat narratives and asking hard questions of their witnesses.

The View decided to have him, of all people, on the show. I’m not sure if they thought they were going to corner Gaetz or make a fool of him, but they learned fairly quickly that he’s no pushover. In fact, they found themselves on the backfoot when the segment had hardly started.

After exchanging a couple of pleasantries, Gaetz didn’t even wait for the women to begin talking about specific things. He immediately went on the offensive, noting that co-hostess Joy Behar must be wearing black because of the death of the Democrat party.


A notable moment occurred when Behar attempted to shift gears and put Gaetz on the defensive by saying “let’s talk about your boss.” Without skipping a beat, Gaetz put her back on the ropes.

“My boss are the people of northwest Florida,” said Gaetz.

Behar attempted to dismiss the correct with a “yeah, okay” but Gaetz wasn’t going to let it slide.

“Well, don’t dismiss them. It’s the highest concentration of active-duty military in the country, and I know Meghan’s dad served there. So don’t — you can attack me if you want, but don’t talk about my constituents.”

McCain took Gaetz’s side, noting that what he was saying is true. Behar immediately began to backpedal but to no avail. Eventually, she just moved on.

The gang also attempted to downplay the arrival of Richard Grenell, President Donald Trump’s newest head of intelligence. Behar attempted to note that Grenell had no real experience. Gaetz had an answer for her, but wanted to first bring up the fact that Trump just appointed the first openly gay man to a presidential cabinet. The View hosts attempted to slam Trump by distracting the crowd with transgender service, which Gaetz also had a comeback for before listing Grenell’s qualifications, including eight years at the U.N. and two years on the security council for Germany.


Behar interjected with a jab, noting that she read the German’s think he’s thin-skinned. Gaetz immediately hit back with a ziner.

“This is The View. Aren’t we all?”


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