The Democrat Response to Trump's State of the Union Only Proved Trump's Point

The real Democratic response to the State of the Union speech delivered Tuesday night by President Donald Trump is always going to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping his speech up while starring daggers at the back of his head when he was done giving it. I felt it revealed the real feelings and thoughts of the Democrats far better than anything they could have said.


Officially, the Democrat rebuttal was delivered by Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer is a well-spoken, pretty woman who moves a bit robotically but delivered her response straight to the camera in a concise and easy manner. While that’s all well and good, I couldn’t help but think that the content of her speech only helped Trump in the end, and mostly due to the fact that she slammed big government and promoted hard work and independence…whether she meant to or not.

Right now, the most popular aspects of the Democrat party revolve around big government, free things, and victimhood. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are throwing that kind of thing around with reckless abandon, and as a result, you have a party that demands government step in and take from everyone else to give to the greedy.

Whitmer told the story of a boy who got tired of waiting around for government to do its job of fixing the roads and went out and did it himself.

“Monte Scott is 13 years old and lives in Muskegon Heights, Michigan,” said Whitmer. “Monte’s street was covered in potholes. They were ankle-deep, and he got tired of waiting for them to get fixed. So he grabbed a shovel and a bucket of dirt and filled them in himself.”


When it came to healthcare, Whitmer tells a similar story.

“Think about kids like 17-year-old Blake Carroll from Idaho, who organized a fundraiser to pay for his mom’s colon cancer treatment. Or 19-year-old Ebony Myers from Utah, who sells art to help pay for her own rare genetic disorder treatment,” she said. “No one should have to crowdsource their health care. Not in America.”

Whitmer just told the story of three young people who took it upon themselves to step up and get things done when the government failed them. The government is supposed to look after the roads and didn’t, so a kid went and did it for them on his own time and dime. Obamacare was supposed to fix the healthcare problem but only ended up making it worse, and so a couple of teenagers went out and did what was necessary to help their families.

Whitmer tells these stories and then sandwiches them with telling you that Democrats are working to expand the very thing that was failing the people in order to help them.

The video above was posted by the Washington Post and I think it’s very interesting that, as of this writing, the video currently has 113 thumbs up and 284 thumbs down, with comments that aren’t very kind. The word “joke” seems to be repeated over and over again with many talking about how Democrats are still failing them and Trump is not.


The response to Republicans was just a reinforcement of the Republican message. The message tried to be on-brand while mixing in American values, but the truth is that Democrat branding and American values don’t mix. They’re polar opposites.

You can’t promote individualism and hard work then claim that this is what you’re all about while simultaneously telling everyone you’re going to punish success, wealth, and give things out for free that don’t belong to you.


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