Feminists are Right About One Thing, Men are Dangerous and That's Good

Feminists are Right About One Thing, Men are Dangerous and That's Good

I’ve probably written about this singular topic more than any other, but I feel it bears repeating as often as humanly possible.

Feminist groups consistently tell us that men are dangerous like it’s a negative, but I’m here to tell you that this aspect of the masculine man is probably one of his most important.

Danger, in and of itself, isn’t a bad thing. In fact, danger is a neutral thing that can be utilized as a tool by anyone. A criminal may be dangerous. He or she may do harm to those around them with malicious intent. They may rape, assault, or steal. They may threaten and intimidate.

In those instances, if you can’t call upon yourself, you reach out to someone just as, if not more, dangerous to come and solve the issue for you. You don’t call on an effeminate wuss who’s afraid to draw blood, you call on someone with the willingness to defeat evil by whatever means that might call for.

Policemen and soldiers carry with them an element of danger from their guns to their dogs. Many Americans carry firearms with them in the event that they need to be dangerous in order to stop someone else from hurting someone.

You get the point. Being dangerous isn’t bad or good, it’s all in how you utilize it.

Now, masculinity is inherently drawn to danger and to be dangerous. The chemicals that foster masculinity promote denser muscle and bone growth. It expands our lung capacity. It makes men more aggressive. It makes masculine people faster and stronger than those without it.

Whether they like to admit it or not, the territory of masculinity is men who are biologically built to be all the above. Women, who contain far more estrogen, are not naturally or commonly built to be the same level of physically dangerous that men are. This isn’t a bad or good thing, it’s just nature.

Due to nature constructing men and women in this regard, men became the protectors of society, but also its builders. Men take on the more dangerous jobs, lift the heavier objects, and exert more physical force for longer than women, making men the natural choice for a plethora of necessary things society needs to function correctly. Much of it consisting of dangerous work that few women can do at the same level.

Men have the ability to both work with, and in danger, in order for others to live comfortable lives free of it. Whether the social justice advocates or feminists like it or not, they live the life of first-world comfort that they do because many men wake up early in the morning to prop up the world either with a wrench or a gun.

Simply saying that all men are dangerous, as feminists like to, is painting this dangerous idea like a net negative. They’re saying that all men can do nothing but abuse their masculine nature and hurt those around them, especially women.

This is absurd.

Most men in our society utilize the dangerous aspects of their masculinity for protection and helpfulness just as we have for thousands and thousands of years. It is true that there are men out there that abuse their gift of masculinity, but to translate that abuse to every man’s way of life is not only sexist, but it’s also hurtful to our society as a whole.

We don’t do that to other groups. We see stories of women sleeping with underage students almost weekly, yet we don’t label all women as child molesters and sexual deviants. We don’t call all Hispanic people “illegall aliens” just because of the border crisis and we don’t call all dogs rabid because a handful gets rabies.

The only reason you would do that is if you’re trying to lessen a group and turn society on them, and the only reason that you would want to turn society against men is to increase your own power. You can paint it as “protecting” another group, but if you really want to protect a group of people, you put men on the job. That’s what we do.

If you don’t want men around to do any protecting, I can only assume that you’re the one utilizing danger for malicious reasons.

We need to celebrate the dangerous aspect of men. Encourage men and boys to be dangerous while teaching them how to use the dangerous aspects of themselves for good, not for evil.

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