Brandon Morse: The DNC Is Backstabbing Itself by Backstabbing Bernie...Again

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Once you touch a hot stove, you learn to never touch it again…unless you’re the Democratic National Committee.

Despite the fact that the DNC blew a chunk out of its own support by betraying Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016, it’s apparently not learned the lesson it should have in the last election and as it stands, it looks like it’s going to do it again.


Utilizing the media, specifically CNN, it appears that the DNC is once again trying to betray Sanders and use Elizabeth Warren to do it. How do I know this?

In my latest video, I dig into what we’ve seen in the past and the present that points to the fact that when it comes to Sanders, the Democrat establishment just isn’t his friend and never will be. What’s more, we find out what this means for the Democrat party, but more importantly, what it means for President Donald Trump.




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