Trump Being Impeached Forever Isn't Trump's Problem, It's Pelosi's and the Democrat's

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a message for President Donald Trump after the House voted to impeach him.

“You are impeached forever,” Pelosi said while on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on HBO. “No matter what the Senate does, it can never be erased.”

Pelosi said this to a cheering crowd with one of the most serenely happy faces I’d ever seen on a woman.

She said something very similar on This Week with George Stephanopolous last Sunday.

“This president is impeached for life, regardless of any gamesmanship on the part of Mitch McConnell,” Pelsoi said.

I imagine that she repeats this to herself in the mirror every night in the same way a freshly engaged woman stares at her new diamond ring.

The problem is that when Pelosi says it, it’s a temporary high, and maybe even at this point the high quickly wears off. She knows that the impeachment process isn’t exactly something that has helped her party, and come 2020 it may very well be the rock that drags the party to the bottom of the river.

In the back of her head, Pelosi knows a few things.

For one, Trump is impeached but there was no crime to impeach him over. Every witness that was carefully called to the testify in front of Rep. Adam Schiff offered no verifiable evidence that Trump had ever committed a crime, and each testimony amounted to “I don’t like Trump” or “Trump hurt my feelings once.”


The other thing she’s well aware of is that this was not a bipartisan vote. Nothing but Democrats with axes to grind voted for this hollow impeachment. In fact, the bipartisanship came with the vote against thanks to “no” votes from Reps. Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey who voted no on both articles of impeachment, and Rep. Jared Golden of Maine, who voted “no” on the charge of obstructing Congress.

Trump may be impeached forever, but that’s an albatross around Pelosi and the Democrat’s neck. Not Trump’s. Pelosi and all the Democrats who voted on her lead are the ones who will have this impeachment forever hanging over their heads.

The fact is, that while Pelosi and the Democrats were gleefully holding up golden pens to commemorate the signing of the articles of impeachment, Trump was signing a major trade deal with China. While Democrats were scheming and planning their impeachment strategy to undo the mistake they believe the American people made by electing him, Trump’s economy has been booming with markets closing at record highs.

As I’ve written previously, it’s not just Trump getting impeached, it’s you. (READ: You Were Impeached Yesterday):

Impeachment was definitely about Trump, but let’s not be fooled here. This was more about you. You were impeached. The Democrats are trying to depose you from the position of decision-maker. They want you to have your power to choose what’s best for this country reduced as they attempt to use whatever means possible to make your decisions mean nothing.

And that is the main point I feel should be focused on. Trump won’t be President forever, but the Democrat party will be around long after he’s gone and they will have that same mentality going forward. This isn’t really about Trump at the end of the day. This is about your ability to decide what’s best for the country being tossed into the garbage by a group of elitists who think you’re too stupid and ignorant to know what’s best for you.

This impeachment has been an example of how the Democrats will use every dirty trick in the book to remain in power, especially if it means taking away power from you. That’s the cloud that will be hanging over Democrats heads in 2020, and the cloud that will be hanging over their heads for years to come.




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