The Right Falls In Love With Adam Driver and the Left Can't Stand It

Yesterday, a clip was roving around from 2015 that showed Star Wars actor Adam Driver being interviewed by a woman asking him how he manages to come off as a villain so convincingly. Driver’s response, as many of his responses are, was short and humorous.


“I just think about taxes and traffic and I’m there,” he told her.

It was a moment that got the right’s attention, as you don’t often hear a celebrity openly talk about the fact that he’s not a fan of the taxes imposed on Americans, or himself. In Hollywood, complaining about having to give up your money to the government makes you come off as actually liking your wealth, which, in Hollywood, makes you seem elitist…which is a hilarious thing for them to worry about since they do everything else as elitist as humanly possible.

This apparently triggered leftists. I was hit back at twice for applauding driver. I was told by one leftist that he was just joking and that he’s not one of ours.

The other came from Mediaite where my fellow righties and I were referred to as “thirsty” by writer Charlie Nash.


“Thirsty Conservatives Annoint Adam Driver the New Grover Norquist Over Mild Joke About Hating Taxes,” wrote Nash for his headline.

There were some others who weren’t too pleased about us applauding Driver.

The last one is likely correct. Driver is probably not a full on right-leaning guy as he and Dunham were a couple, and he starred in the show “Girls” which Dunham wrote. He also tends to star in a lot of left-leaning films.

However, it’s kind of hilarious that the left got this worked up over us praising Kylo, and to be honest, he deserves it. Driver has done a lot of things worth praise.


For instance, during the Ricky Gervais opening monologue during the Golden Globes, after Gervais told the celebrities that if they win they award they need to shut up about politics because they know nothing about the real world, there was hardly any movement in the room but you could clearly see driver applauding Gervais.

It should also be noted that Driver once served in the military as a marine and he and his wife still do things for the troops.

Even if he is on the left, he deserves props for doing good things.

But the left is a highly possessive bunch and are going to get real salty over conservatives being happy about anything. Of course, God help Kylo if it actually comes out that he is a conservative…


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