J.K. Rowling is Proof that the Social Justice Monster Is No One's Friend

Poor J.K Rowling. She tried so hard to be one with the woke crowd. Unfortunately for her, the woke crowd was never going to accept her. She’s too white, to cis, to straight, and worst of all, too rich.

She made all sorts of changes to her established canon too. She made Dumbledor gay. She made Hermione black. She added a Jewish student that was never discussed in the book. Still, she was always one mistake away from being a total outcast for them.

And as I wrote earlier, that one mistake has come. What was the mistake? She stood up for a woman who got fired from her job because she stood her ground on the fact that biological women are not the same as biological men.

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This embrace of reality naturally evoked the rage of the internet mob, specifically those of the LGBT community. They’ve been sending her tweets filled with anger, mockery, rage, and sadness since her infamous tweet standing up for women came out.

If you want to see the responses to it then you can see many of them by either clicking on the link to the article above or just by going to Rowling’s twitter and seeing the responses to that tweet. If you do just remember that you will become stupider for having read them.

But this makes a point that I’ve been saying for a long time. It’s a point I think is so important that I actually have this tweet pinned to the top of my Twitter profile.

That tweet came after Brie Larson, the SJW actress that plays “Captain Marvel,” had raised a ruckus around her movie is one that serves to empower those who she considers being the least empowered among us. She made it clear that films like hers weren’t meant for white men and she doesn’t care what they think about it. She even went so far as to demand her press pool consist of fewer white men and more people of color.

Larson set herself up to be the queen bee of the SJW high school, but she’s a straight, white, cis, rich woman to the SJWs and as such as loads of “privilege.” Soon, they began demanding that Larson step down and give her role to a gay black woman, as Captain Marvel was apparently a black woman in the comics originally.

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The petition sailed far beyond the 3,000 signature goal. As of this writing, it’s at nearly 30,000 and climbing. Given, there have been quite a few trolls who signed the petition, but the point is made.

Feeding the social justice monster is only going to make it associate you with food. Eventually, it will turn on you and consume you too.

It happened to Larson and now Rowling. It even happened very recently to Sports Illustrated when they thought they were scoring woke points by making Megan Rapinoe their “Sportsperson of the Year,” only to have Rapinoe turn on them while she was on stage accepting the award and making them out to be bad guys for not being woke enough.

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Everyone who ever tried to play to people who are angry about their situation in life has only found out that they’re just angry people, to begin with. None of these people are ever your friend. They don’t respect you. They don’t want what’s best for you or for others. They’re only concerned about themselves and what they can grab from you.

This isn’t a new pattern. This is what has happened within the social justice community since its inception. They are ravenously hungry for attention through victimhood and they will make victims out of anyone in order to get their fix. Even if you have done nothing wrong, they will find a way to make you an oppressor or a hateful person in order to make sure that they can use you as a step in their ladder up the social justice totem pole.

The goal was never understanding. Peace was never an option. You are useful. A thing.

I hope everyone is paying attention to what’s happening to Rowling. I hope they understand that she’s being targeted because she embraced reality and rejected tyranny. I hope that they see that despite Rowling’s unrelenting capitulation to the SJW crowd that it did not give her any help when they turned on her. I want people to see that the SJW community is a morally bankrupt and useless part of our culture that needs to be shoved into the background and not ever taken seriously again.


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