The Left Has Reached Rock Bottom, So Why Is It Asking for a Shovel?

After the 2016 election, Sen. Elizabeth Warren came to an awfully strange conclusion about why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lost. It was her opinion that when it came to the leftist policies that they were pushing, they didn’t lean left enough.

How she figures that a rejection of the left’s policies is a sign that they should double down on the leftism even more and fall right into the openly socialist territory is anyone’s guess, but that’s exactly what the Democrat party did. Warren herself has gone so far down the “eat the rich” rabbit hole that even Democrat donors are threatening to hand money to President Donald Trump if she’s the nominee.

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I’ve been covering ad nauseam (including in an upcoming video, so keep an eye out) about how 2020 is pretty much Trump’s and save some dark miracle occurring, there’s not really much the left can do about it at this point. The impeachment hearings and the Russia investigation have created this “boy who cried wolf” feeling for the left, and while that has hurt them pretty badly, it’s the fact that they’ve embraced leftism like a life raft.

What they don’t seem to realize is that it’s bringing them down.

Oddly enough, I’m watching the fallout from the United Kingdom over the recent stomping the Labour party got by the British Conservative party. As you may have already heard, the vote wasn’t even close. Conservatives won 365 seats to Labour’s 203 seats. This should be a clear sign to Labour that their leftism isn’t what the people want, yet they don’t seem to be getting this very obvious point.

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbin is in front of cameras telling reporters that despite losing the election they’ve “won the argument.”

As Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) noted in a recent video covering the reaction to Labour members from the media and activists groups, their reaction all seems to follow the same avenue. It’s the idea that they weren’t wrong about their positions, they just didn’t get them across well enough.

That’s a weird conclusion to come to on top of the rest of the weird conclusions they’re coming to.

No one is louder than the left. They’ve made their positions abundantly clear as communists and socialists tend to do. Their entire platform is based on getting their socialistic ideals across during talk about policy and letting everyone know that if they don’t agree with them, that they’re sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and whatever else they think up at the moment.

They use the excuse that the right is so filled with horrible people that they openly wish violence upon them, even to the point of throwing milkshakes on people.

Believe me when I say that the populace is painfully aware of the positions of the left. They’ve made sure we not only know them, they’ve made it very clear that we’re not to disagree.

If the U.K. left takes the same path as the U.S. left, then they’ll continue to make that abundantly clear with Antifa riots and violence against anyone who openly supports Boris Johnson. All the while they’ll continue to denigrate anyone on the right. Just as they do in the United States, they’ll refer to Conservative voters as “racist” or call them terrorists.

They already are.

They’ve already been rejected and instead of learning that what they’re pushing for isn’t being embraced by people, they double down by declaring that the people are idiots and that they should suffer for their transgressions.

I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely not going to make me want to vote for anything that has to do with the left. Not just because it’s clear that these people don’t have the maturity level necessary to run a country, but because it shows us that they aren’t really of the people or for the people.

To them, they’re a group of selfish people who are angry that they aren’t getting their entitlements, and I don’t just mean the free this or that. I mean the entitled position of thinking that they’re your superior. That they can decide what is and isn’t good for you. That you’re too ignorant and stupid to decide what you should and shouldn’t be doing on your own.

They clearly lose with this position but they continue to push forward with it. Doubling down on it. As if they keep going with it they’ll break through some sort of wall and the people will jump on board with them.

We have history to look back on and see that what they’re supporting doesn’t work. We’ve seen that it leads to oppression, disease, and death, and we’re not into it.

They deserve to lose and to keep losing if that’s the case.


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