The Slow Political Suicide of Democrats

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., responds to reporters as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., calls a meeting with all the House Democrats, many wanting impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump after his latest defiance of Congress by blocking his former White House lawyer from testifying yesterday, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, May 22, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The impeachment hearings have been so bad that most people have tuned out. This wouldn’t be the case if Democrats actually had anything substantial to show us, but they’ve done nothing but throw up one “witness” after another who has nothing to offer Congress but hurt feelings and hatred of President Donald Trump.

Contrary to what Democrats and the left may believe, their hatred of someone does not mean they’re guilty of a crime.

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Still, Democrats figured that if they made enough of a show about how Trump is guilty of something, anything, then perhaps the public would believe it, too, and they would have had 2020 in the bag. Only that’s not how this works anymore.

This is the information age when videos and reports are able to be accessed at the press of a few buttons, and what we saw was a dog and pony show meant that had zero substance to it. We saw Republicans making fools out of Democrats daily. We saw witnesses who seemed more concerned about settling grudges with Trump than actually having any kind of proof that wrongdoing occurred. As Tom Brokaw recently confessed, after some time, your eyes just start to glaze over due to the boredom and complexity of this sham.

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And be honest with me. Can you recall all that’s happened during these impeachment proceedings? Can you remember the names of all the witnesses or what evidence they brought forth? Can you remember most of the specific moments of drama that occurred during the hearings?

I can’t, and I do this for a living, so I can only imagine what it’s like for people who don’t. They probably get home, eat dinner, and sit down to see the latest news on their phones or computers and are hit with a deluge of strange names, questions that have nothing to do with impeachment, and clips of politicians jabbering on about nothing.

They get bored, tune out, and move on with their life.

Meanwhile, their boredom with impeachment gets overshadowed by the good news about the economy. Jobs are up, taxes are down. America is going back to work and spending more money. It’s a good time to be an American and they know who it was that got us there.

Do you see the different vibes associated with each party as I describe this?

Since 2016, the Democrats have been nothing but negativity personified. They’ve been calling for heads on silver platters, accusing people of wrongdoing they’ve never done and providing nothing to show for it. They’ve been nothing but negative since Hillary Clinton fell to Trump in the last election, and the salt has not stopped flowing like a river since. It’s gotten so bad that we now have Democrats pushing two articles of impeachment that literally have nothing in the way of reasoning as to why.

Even the accusation of bribery has now been completely dropped at the last minute, which is what Democrats have practically based their entire reasoning for impeachment on, and instead, they have embraced something far more nebulous as my colleague Bonchie wrote earlier today:

Notice what’s missing? No bribery or extortion. Keep in mind, everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Adam Schiff to every major liberal news network has proclaimed for the last two months that bribery wasn’t just a possibility, but that it was clearly proven. Democrats even focused grouped the term and decided it was the best one to go with. Now, in the 11th hour, they’ve punted on that charge at all, instead going with the much more nebulous “abuse of power.”

It has been nothing but baseless negativity from the Democrats while Trump has been putting forth positivity and forward-looking attitudes. While Democrats gnash teeth and rend garments over pretty much everything that happens, Trump and the Republicans seem to be having a good time being innocent and helping people out. Trump has increased job count by 266,000. He’s appointed 170 new judges, all who are highly qualified for their positions. Black and Hispanic communities have never had it better thanks to the economic tide opening up opportunities for them. He’s making other nations pay their in NATO and has restrengthened our military.

Foreign leaders may hate him, but they hate him because he’s actually looking out for America, which America desperately needed.

All the while, Democrats have provided nothing but anger and complication thanks to their inability to accept the fact that they lost an election they thought they were guaranteed. They’ve attempted to force tax increases, gun control, LGBT takeovers of schools, and a move toward a socialist system that hasn’t worked for anybody, anywhere, at any time.

Democrats have become Roger Chillingworth from “The Scarlett Letter.” Singularly obsessed with getting revenge on the people who betrayed him to the point where it has transformed him into a psychological and even physiological monstrous thing that lusts for the torment of those whom he hates most.

Like Chillingworth, this poisonous attitude is costing Democrats everything. They look horrible right now, and it all stems from their inability to accept the fact that the United States just isn’t that into them and their ideas. The circus is closed. We’ve moved on.

Democrats may have been more worthy of a 2020 consideration if they had focused more on substantial things, but they had zero interest in serving the American people and had far more interest in serving themselves. As I’ve written previously, this is the same party that warned everyone that Trump wouldn’t accept a loss in 2016 and that uprisings would begin from street violence to endless legal actions in order to delegitimize President Clinton. They did this to make it seem like Trump was more into this being about him than America.

When Trump won, they did the exact thing that they said Trump would do, so what does that make them?

The American people aren’t stupid. They see all these things and have come to the right conclusion. The Democrat party is killing itself over 2016 and the people aren’t into going down with them. They want the prosperity Trump has brought, and would rather not side with a Democrat party who has nothing to offer but a slow slide back into the dark.



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