Mark Ruffalo Demonstrates How Out of Touch Hollywood Is With His 2020 Endorsement

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I should add “again” somewhere in that title but it’s Mark Ruffalo. You know what he’s about.

The Hulk endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for President in 2020 through a video on Sanders’s campaign website. I’m not altogether unsurprised by this. Ruffalo is somewhere left of Marx, and Sanders’s idea of a romantic honeymoon was to sing songs in a sweltering room filled with communists with his shirt off.

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But what struck me wasn’t his endorsement, it was the comment Ruffalo made when he did it.
“People considered those things to be pie in the sky in 2016, right? Now they are the norm because Bernie stood and walked into those issues that he knew were the right issues for the American working class.”

“He is the original progressive,” Ruffalo added.

That’s when Ruffalo dropped what would be considered incredibly bizarre in a sane world, which we apparently do not live in.

“We need a leader who’s actually one of us, and Bernie is one of us and he’s always been one of us,” he said.

One of us?

Did Mark Ruffalo forget who he is? Does he know who Bernie Sanders is?

Just in case the answer to both of those questions is lost in a cloud of confusion, let me assist Ruffalo in reminding him what’s what.

Ruffalo’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere in the $30 million range. He’s a very famous actor thanks to his involvement in the Disney/Marvel franchise, and appearance in movies that grossed billions of dollars. This man is so well looked after by executives that if he became hurt in any way, heaven and earth would be moved in order to make him better as quickly as humanly possible. Why? Because his participation in the private market makes people a lot of money, and only the best in private healthcare would be good enough.

Raising taxes on Ruffalo wouldn’t hurt him that much. He’d barely feel it, so he can sit there and advocate for major social programs to take effect without worry about having to pay more. He’s Mark Ruffalo. He’ll just do another Marvel movie and pad his bank account with so much cash that Scrooge McDuck would think it’s a little much.

Ruffalo has three children and they live in Manhattan. Do you think Ruffalo, with all his fame and wealth, lives in a rundown apartment and sends his kids to a public school nearby?

Now let’s look at Bernie “one of us” Sanders.

Sanders isn’t as wealthy as Ruffalo by a long shot, but he’s still a millionaire, being worth an estimated $2 million. He also famously owns three houses. According to Fox News, he bought a $575,000 four-bedroom lake-front home in his home state in 2016. This on top of his row house in Washington D.C., and his house in Burlington, Vermont.

Sanders makes a Senator’s pay of $174,000 a year, plus all the benefits that go with that. The popularity of Sanders also allows him for other ways to make money, specifically book deals, which scored him over $500,000 in 2017. When Sanders finally retires, he will do so with $1 million saved up thanks to his pension.

I know I don’t make that much, and unless you’re one of my wealthier readers, you don’t either.

Neither one of these men trying to push the idea that they’re “one of us” is one of us. These people live lives of wealth and comfort that most of us only dream of. The policies they plan to enact, should they get their way, will hardly damage them in the long run. Certainly not how it would damage us, the taxpayer, who will have to feel the most ache when paying for all this free stuff and “human rights” they like to talk about.

This is the thing that drives me up a wall about Hollywood celebrities. While I don’t have any problem with people being wealthy and using that wealth to purchase the best life possible for them and their family, they no longer have the right to pretend they’re just like us. They’re not.

They might have the same interests as I do, enjoy the same hobbies, eating the same food, etc., but that’s just being relatable. If I run into serious problems, my financial situation will become tight, if not dire. Ruffalo and Sanders can throw money at the problem and still have so much leftover that it’ll hardly be a speed bump on their respective paths.

Yet the Hollywood seven-figure-socialists continue to talk like they’re one of us and have our best interests in mind. They even denounce the very system that made them wealthy and cheers alongside people shouting about how we should eat the rich.

This is either delusion or hucksterism.


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