Voters Don't Care About Impeachment, Signaling Two Very Hard Lessons the Left Needs to Learn

President Donald J. Trump talks with reporters along the driveway of the South Lawn of the White House Tuesday, June 18, 2019, prior to beginning his trip to Orlando, Fla. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

President Donald J. Trump speaks to members of the press on the South Lawn of the White House Monday, May 20, 2019, prior to boarding Marine One to begin his trip to Pennsylvania. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

If you were over the attempts from Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump from the get-go, then you’re in good company, and by “good company” I mean the majority of America.

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you probably smelled something odd. That’s because desperation reeks and the impeachment attempts were a workaround for the fact that 2020 isn’t at all looking good for Democrats. As such, the left had two options.

The first was to dismiss the impeachment and just soldier on with who they thought was the best candidate based on the issues that truly mattered to them. The second was to pretend that there really was something to this whole impeachment thing because Trump has to be guilty of something. Anything.

Most moderate Democrats — some of whom I’m more than willing to bet will vote for Trump in the end — chose door one. They don’t care about impeachment and have already moved on. However, the hard-left, which comprises a smaller fraction of the Democrat party but is the far louder part of it, kept beating that dead horse as hard as they could.

This hard-left may be small but it encompasses a lot of groups, including mainstream journalists who have been treating this impeachment proceeding like O.J. Simpson’s Bronco chase 25 years ago. For them, this is high caliber stuff that has everyone glued to the television. For the rest of us, this is boring and annoying.

I still haven’t forgiven my local news station for plastering that ridiculous police chase all over my screen while I was trying to watch Hakeem Olajuwon lead the Houston Rockets to victory during the NBA championship game, but I digress…angrily.

As is my routine, I perused my favorite websites in my daily trolling of the news and saw that Andrew Klavan of the Daily Wire had found that journalists are surprised by the fact that when it comes to impeachment, everyone is about as interested in it as Aunt Sharon’s fruitcake.

During his podcast (which is excellent) he played a clip of CBS This Morning, discussing what voters thought about the impeachment circus based on interviews they did with some randos. The discussion between the journalists went like this:

ANCHOR 1: Now, one thing we asked the diners about was their opinion to the impeachment saga, and almost to a person — Republicans, independents, and Democrats — told us they’re not quite sure where it’s headed, but were more interested in other issues that impact their everyday lives. Those folks in Bakersfield, they were at dinner, even said they think this process is merely exposing the hypocrisy on both sides. Republicans did it to a Democrat years ago, now it’s Democrats doing it to a Republican president. We’ll see, but it doesn’t come up in conversation unless you ask.

ANCHOR 2: Oh, that’s very interesting.

ANCHOR 3: And when the candidates are out there campaigning, as you’ve seen, they don’t bring it up often with voters.

ANCHOR 1: That’s right, because the voters don’t bring it up. They want to know about health care, education — what are you gonna do for me. So it’s not —

ANCHOR 3: So it’s not a winning issue, it doesn’t look like.


ANCHOR 4: And you’re always traveling and covering the debates and whatnot, were you surprised by anything that you heard?

ANCHOR 1: That impeachment wasn’t coming up …

The key moment in that little tete-a-tete was when one of the journalists noted that the people don’t care about impeachment because they’re more concerned about what a candidate can do for them.

Not to don my Captain Obvious super suit, but impeachment is doing nothing to serve the American people. Impeachment is only there to serve Democrats.

As I wrote not long ago, I find it rather insulting that the Democrats look at the American people as stupid, ignorant children who they must guide. The people elected Trump, and Democrats being Democrats, didn’t see a Republic elected its leader in a legitimate election. They saw us as toddlers with a metal fork and our eyes locked on the power socket. They want to take the fork out of our hand while saying “thank youuuuu,” then proceed to put whatever attention-grabbing toy sitting nearby in our hands to make us forget what they just took away.

Since Democrats can’t just rip a President elected by the people out of office, their fork snatch has to be done through impeachment.

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And herein lies a couple of very loud wakeup calls for Democrats and the hard-left if they’re smart enough to pay attention. The first may be the most difficult to swallow for Democrats since it’s something they’ve been telling themselves for decades.

The will of the Democrats is not the will of the people.

One of the reasons I think the election and subsequent support for Trump by the majority of Americans have been so hard to swallow for the left is because Democrats are flabbergasted that their carefully crafted mainstream narrative isn’t one that the American people are on board with. They were 100 percent positive that a small minority only liked Republican principles, and as it turns out, the majority of American does, making them the outcasts.

They were sure they were the thought leaders of America after eight years of Obama, but it turns out that they’re the ones who are out of touch, not the Republicans. They were out of touch even during Obama’s administration when they thought his two elections meant that America was ready for a hard push into leftist territory. Clearly they weren’t, and Trump’s election proved that.

Let’s not forget that the Trump era is partly a creation of the Obama era. Democrats don’t have their finger on the pulse of America, and they may never have had it.

Relatedly, the second thing they should see clearly now is the reason they’re so out of touch.

It’s always amazed me that Democrats believed themselves to be of the people and the only party that truly had their best interests in mind. However, the hard-left are typically rich, ivy league educated, well connected, and wholly unfamiliar with life outside of this. In fact, living like a midwestern middle-class person would likely horrify quite a few of the journalists and politicians who haunt their respective halls.

They see themselves as superior and smarter. They scoff at the average American as if he or she is some kind of ignorant bumpkin. As a result, they bubble themselves with other elitists who view Americans the same way and practically ignore anyone speaking to the contrary. In fact, if someone gets too loud in their arguments against them, they lash out and attempt to destroy that person.

Their bubbled, elitist lifestyle, while gilded and luxurious, also acted as a blinder. They didn’t deem the American people worth listening to, and were suddenly surprised when the American people turned their back on them. The left didn’t see Trump coming because they refused to look.

They should understand that their views caused them to be far more ignorant and out of touch than us country bumpkin losers could ever be.

If they’re surprised that no one cares about impeachment, it’s because no one but them seems to find it important. They live the high life while the rest of us have real concerns, and as they turn their noses up at us from their palaces on the coast, Trump is actually addressing the concerns we put forth.

This is a hard lesson for them to learn. Now we just need to see if they’re willing to learn it.


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