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Comedy has been in exile and what we’ve had lately has been a shadow of its former self. Jokes can still be made, but they must only be jokes about certain things. Making jokes about subjects considered to be “protected” is career suicide, and laughing about them may get you “canceled” whether you’re in the public eye or not.

Recently, my colleague Alex Parker wrote about comedian Tim Allen’s appearance on The View. Allen is currently the only known mainstream conservative comedian still going strong in the industry, with his show appropriately named “Last Man Standing,” besides Matt Stone and Trey Parker of “South Park.”

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Within the interview, Allen and hostess Joy Behar — a former comedian — commiserated on the state of comedy. Allen attacked the politically correct culture we’ve been subjected to with Behar agreeing wholeheartedly, despite being part of the crowd that has pushed for this kind of cultural subjugation. The two chatted about how old comedians who were once celebrated could never be heard without blowback, and that watching movies like “Blazing Saddles” is right out.

As excited as I am to see Allen speaking the truth in the public square, it’s also kind of sad that this is how we exist now. As I’ve said many times over, comedy is the great societal disinfectant. It scrubs our culture clean of any rot that sets in due to people taking things too seriously and turning them into holy, sacred cows instead of just another part of our culture. The things we can’t laugh at begin to corrupt themselves due to not having any kind of pushback and before you know it, you have an out of control problem.

It should come as no surprise that the same societal problems that have gotten so out of control are also problems we’re not allowed to joke about. Take, for instance, the transgender issue which is currently raging across the country. It’s gotten so bad that trans activists have become bold enough to come after our children in an attempt to sexualize them.

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Transgender activism is ridiculous, and laughing at it for a change would expose it as not the massive beast casting an equally massive shadow on the wall, but a small creature standing in front of a light. We wouldn’t be half as afraid to resist it, and solutions would present themselves almost immediately.

Stand up comedy is one such method of taking down something considered holy a few pegs. With comedians now afraid to speak out, the stand-up industry has become a risky venture, and what was once considered the venue to get the realest of real talk has gone silent.

Or so I thought.

In a world where safe spaces have become a ridiculous way for overly sensitive people to go color with crayons as they hyperventilate after hearing an opinion that runs opposite to theirs, some safe spaces appear to be legitimate.

Hear me out.

Let’s say you’re in a war. Your forces are clearly outmatched and your gorilla campaign to retake your country has been long and drawn out. You don’t have fronts and enemy lines because your fight is all over. You need a hidden bunker to rest and recharge in. Somewhere where you can plan and speak freely with friends.

You’d consider that a safe place to be, and would want to go back there as often as possible.

It would appear that stand up comedy has found that place in a YouTube channel, and when I say stand up, I mean real stand up. Stuff that makes fun of everything no matter how politically correct it’s considered by the mainstream overlords.

Comedy Unleashed seems to be a channel that originates in the UK and bills itself as “London’s Free-Thinking Comedy Club. It features comedians talking about things that we’re not allowed to talk about. Any SJW who stumbles on this channel would immediately call what they hear “hate speech.”

It’s definitely not. It’s comedy, but they’ve never known the difference.

Comedians take the stage and tell jokes in front of a banner that reads “No self-censorship. If it’s funny…it’s funny.”

And it’s definitely funny. Here’s Alistair Williams telling jokes about gender studies degrees and making fun of the absurd positions taken by SJWs:

Here’s Andrew Lawrence joking about being censored and the fact that a free-speech comedy club even exists:

You should definitely check out the comedy channel for yourself. As I went from video to video, even if I didn’t agree with some of the jokes, I literally felt pressure being relieved from my spine. People were joking and laughing about things in the open and that actually alleviated personal tension.

It seems silly but it really got me thinking.

Look around and see how pent up and angry everyone is. If we spent more time laughing about things, including ourselves, how much more relaxed and happy would we be?

It’s sad that stand-up comedy even needs to have a safe space, but perhaps it’s not right to consider it a safe space at all. Perhaps places like Comedy Unleashed are more of a beachhead. A small room where a massive movement can be born.

We know the world is ready for this movement. We know that because the world celebrated Dave Chappelle’s “Sticks and Stones” comedy special.

I say you give Comedy Unleashed as much attention as possible. Spread the videos around. Get people laughing about things again.


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