The New Center

I see some outlandish things said by the left on the daily, but Michael Moore, the king of saying outlandish things may have said something that, at first glance, may seem crazy, but really has a lot of truth to it.

According to the Daily Wire, Moore was on MSNBC offering his opinion on the most recent Democratic debate, when he turned to give advice to Democrats on how to beat Trump that quickly became a gloat about how the Democratic party was now the party of Michael Moore.

“Just in the same way I think that we have to — when you guys were talking about how we have to be more moderate or move to the center, that’s how we’re going to win next year, see, to me, I think moving to the center — I am the center. I am the mainstream now of the Democratic party,” Moore said.

“The majority of Americans agree with me and Bernie on all the issues, whether it’s — whether it’s health care for all, whether it’s climate change, minimum wage, mass incarceration, go down the whole list,” Moore added.

When I first heard him say that, I laughed. Not a real laugh. One of those very short laughs where you just breathe air out of your nose. It seemed a bit on the crazy side. Like, Michael Moore crazy.

But then I began to really think about it and I can’t help but come to the conclusion that he’s right. He is the new center.

Hear me out.

Anyone who follows my writing will see how often I talk about the insanity of the left both in politics and the culture. Go ahead and click on the link here and see the entire body of my work here at RedState. Just near the top, you’ll see an article about a man who got a vasectomy to save the planet, one about Antifa violence, and one about a girl crying because her school district is now allowing boys into her locker room if they feel like they’re girls.

Normally, these would be seen as stories of the fringe, but they’re not. As Moore said, this is mainstream stuff now. These stories are so common that I honestly feel like I’m repeating myself sometimes.

But it explains a lot. We often sit back and wonder why something as simple as “free speech” can be looked at with derision and fear. We’re at a loss for the support that socialism has in the United States despite the fact we certifiable evidence, both past, and present, that it’s a failed system. We don’t understand why people can claim men are women and sexualize our children without backlash from the mainstream.

It’s because Moore is right. The mainstream has drifted so far to the left that it now considers this radical position on the Overton window to be its center.

Does that mean that anyone to the right of them is the fringe? In reality, no. When you break it down, the mainstream is just a very large proverbial stage that is controlled by certain players. Over the course of time, these players have gradually drifted further and further to the left unabated thanks to the right’s lack of participation in the culture.

But while the right doesn’t have as large a presence on the stage, it does have a larger presence in the voting booth. The “silent majority” is a thing and if you listen, it’s speaking very loudly.

For instance, voters are swinging sharply away from supporting the impeachment circus being carried out by Democrats. Trump and the RNC are smashing through fundraising records while Democrats are lagging behind by miles. Wherever Trump goes, he sells out stadiums while Democrats can hardly fill a gym.

People just aren’t that into what the mainstream and the Democrats are trying to sell them. If it’s not nonsensical, it’s just provenly bad and our society as a whole doesn’t want a part of it. They should have learned that lesson in 2016, but their solution, instead, was to get more radical. In fact, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said at the time that the reason Democrats lost was that they weren’t leaning far enough left.

Yet they’re leaning so far left now that they’re ready to topple over and America has responded by leaning away.

The left’s new center is society’s fringe and the left is so far out in the boonies with their radicalism that they’ve lost complete sight of where the majority of America is gathered. Even major Democrat donors have threatened to join up with Trump if a radical like Warren is made the nominee.

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The new center is definitely gravitating around Moore’s mass of fringe nonsense, but despite the fact that this lunacy is now mainstream, it doesn’t mean that Americans are into it. It used to be mainstream to be ruled by a king and ask “how high” whenever he said “jump,” but Americans weren’t into that either, and we took down the most powerful army on the planet at the time.

The real center of America still revolves around that spirit, not Moore’s.


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