Dear Disney, Ignore the SJWs, Star Wars Is Good Again


You can’t please social justice warriors. It’s impossible. Give them everything they want, and not only will you have a crap product on your hands, but they’ll also still find a way to be angry about it. What’s more, they’ll look at you like a kneeling subject and not as an equal.


If there’s one thing SJWs love to attack, it’s Disney and Disney related properties. This includes Star Wars, which, thanks to an infusion of social justice, has really sucked lately. Anyone who watches the new sequels starring Rey the Mary Sue and her merry band of social justice list checks knows they’re horribly written, off character entries that have done so badly and angered so many fans that they’re rumored to be taking the product out of executive producer Kathleen Kennedy’s hands and putting them into John Favreau’s.

And that’s the best news any Star Wars fan can ask for given the current predicament because Favreau has already proven he can make excellent Star Wars, seeing as how his show “The Mandalorian,” is so good that it actually has me excited about Star Wars again.

For those of you not familiar, when Disney+ released a couple of weeks ago, it came stock with the first episode of “The Mandalorian,” a tale about a nameless mercenary in the Star Wars universe who hails from the same warrior culture as Boba Fett. The mercenary, played by Game of Thrones’s Pedro Pascal, never takes his helmet off, adding an air of mystery to the character that keeps you wanting to learn more.

The feel of the show is recognizable immediately. If you like old Clint Eastwood films, Firefly, Kurosawa movies, or Cowboy Beebop, you’re going to love “The Mandalorian.” Like any good space western, it expertly moves between serious, humorous, and action-packed shootouts. What’s more, Favreau utilized the old George Lucas method of using a mix of puppetry and CGI, making each scene feel like you’re finally back in the galaxy far far away, and not just some bastardized, overly produced version of it.


This is good, meat and potatoes Star Wars.

Also, it may have produced one of the cutest characters in sci-fi history, that is so cute that it has now become a meme.

Introducing “baby Yoda.”

Naturally, however, SJWs are angry.

While watching “The Mandalorian,” feminists, in particular, noticed that there wasn’t a lot of “female representation” in the show. So far, the only female to make an appearance happened in the first episode where a woman Mandalorian made a piece of armor for the main character, and then that was that.

In anger, SJWs took to the internet and began complaining.

The head of the failed Feminist Frequency feminist organization, Anita Sarkeesian, threw in her two cents and even managed to misspell “Mandalorian.”


Something tells me Sarkeesian didn’t even watch it as she apparently didn’t “remember” that a woman actually had a speaking part in the first episode. This is entirely characteristic for her as she would make claims about video games that made no sense while stealing footage from other gamers who actually did play it.

She wasn’t alone. A chorus of accounts tweeted out their outrage that a woman wasn’t playing a more central role in the show.

Feminist critic Liz Shannon Miller took to Medium to voice her complaints in an article titled “It’s a Trap: Why Loving ‘Star Wars’ as a Woman Is Endlessly Exhausting”:

And then you watch it, and you’re enjoying it… and then 20 minutes in, a woman speaks, and you realize that it’s the first woman to speak in the entire episode. And then you get to the end credits, and you see that character, voiced by Emily Swallow, is listed as “Armorer,” and she’s the only damn woman to speak in the entire episode.

My question to them is simple: “Who the hell cares?”


Feminists and the rest of the fascists in the SJW crowd want to seem to do nothing but make boundaries for popular media, especially in the mainstream. If it doesn’t, they’ll go crazy with think pieces, online mobs, and cancel campaigns. But Why?

Favreau can’t tell a story about a badass bounty hunter without making sure it passes the Bechdel test? Why? What’s the point?

Are they afraid that people will forget women are a thing? Do they think a story about a space cowboy will suddenly make artists, producers, and directors refuse to cast women in anything anymore? Why does every story we have to see have to have a strong woman type with a massive speaking role in it?

What’s going to happen if we don’t get that? Are women going to die off by the thousands? Will cases of abuse skyrocket? Will vaginas suddenly fade into non-existence as half the population did after the Thanos snap in Infinity War? What?

My advice to Disney and Favreau is this:

Don’t stop. Keep going. People are loving “The Mandalorian,” and those who are complaining about its “LaCK oF RePReSeNtATiOn” aren’t your friends. They’re not trying to help you and will find something to complain about eventually. What’s more, they’re a small minority of people compared to the silent majority currently enjoying watching a badass bounty hunter hunt bounties with the help of a baby Yoda.


You have made Star Wars good again because you ditched the social justice nonsense. Don’t wander back to it because the mob is outraged. They’re always outraged. It’s all they have and it’s all they want.


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