Watch: Trump Jr. Gets Applause Line on "The View" and Joy Behar Can't Handle It


The ladies of The View figured they’d get Donald Trump Jr. on the show and grab a few clips of themselves berating him while the audience lost its mind in ecstasy. To be sure, it would have been excellent “Now This” fodder with everyone from HuffPo to Vox salivating over their keyboards.


So it was pretty hilarious that Trump Jr. repeatedly burned the ladies so much that the studio almost went up in flames.

What’s even worse is that The View’s audience wasn’t as loyal as the ladies may have hoped. During the course of events, the hostesses began berating Trump Jr. for daring to speak aloud the name of the whistleblower who is currently at the center of the Ukraine scandal.

As my colleague, Streiff, covered on Wednesday, Trump Jr. tweeted out Eric Ciaramella’s name along with a Breitbart article discussing his involvement.

According to the ladies of The View, Trump Jr. broke the law when he did that. Only, he didn’t. Ciaramella’s name has been circulating in various news articles in public for over a week now. RedState’s Elizabeth Vaughn covered it last month.

Trump Jr. was asked if he regretted saying tweeting the name out.

“I don’t think I should have to go forego my First Amendment right,” said Trump Jr., adding that he read it in an article that was already out there.

“I didn’t even realize that this thing…was some big, sort of, secret,” he added.


The ladies of the view pressed him again on whether or not he regrets tweeting out Ciaramella’s name.

“No, I don’t regret doing it,” said Trump Jr., reaffirming his right to free speech.

“It’s out there. I read it in an article. I’ve been reading for a week. I saw it on the Drudge Report,” continued Trump Jr. “This is not some secret.”

As Trump continued to talk about how millions had already seen the name thanks to Drudge, the audience applauded Trump Jr.’s defense of himself. This was apparently far more than Behar could stand.

Leaning over the table, Behar chastised the audience like a class full of unruly children.

“Listen, this is not a MAGA rally, okay?” shouted Behar over Trump Jr.

Behar likes her audience way more on her side than that, but lately, she hasn’t been getting that trained seal loyalty she desires. As Sister Toldjah covered yesterday, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard got an applause line over Behar, who was busy regurgitating Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy theory that Gabbard was a Russian asset. Judging by Behar’s look, she wasn’t pleased with the audience then, either.


That’s not the only time Behar found herself on the losing end during the program. While the ladies were busy bashing Trump over his past sins, Trump Jr. went on to highlight the fact that Behar and Whoopie Goldberg had both done some pretty heinous stuff too. This includes Goldberg defending Roman Polanski’s rapes, and Behar doing blackface at one point. Behar attempted to deny that she’d ever done blackface, but as I highlighted earlier, she herself admitted doing so, and on The View no less.

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