The Epstein Meme Has Now Found Its Way Off the Internet and Into the Real World

If you’re on social media for more than a few minutes this week, you’ll likely get hit with a meme or two about Jeffrey Epstein getting suicided. It’s a viral internet meme that has invaded everything from Twitter to Reddit and being displayed in all sorts of ways.


For instance…

But now, you don’t even have to scroll through your Facebook to see an Epstein meme, you can now see them in everyday places…such as your local airport.

A Twitter user named “Brick Suit” was at San Diego International Airport in California when he noticed someone was being paged to report to their party at terminal two east by American Airlines.

Ther person being paged was none other than good ol’ “Epstein Coverup.”

The hilarious thing is that you have to believe that the person who had to type out the announcement knew exactly what they were doing and typed it out anyway. I doubt it’s mandatory that they put any name into the computer given to them. There’d be a lot of people running the show at the airport that would be upset by someone paging “poo poo pee pee stinky butt douche canoe” if they were told to put that announcement into the system, and I’m sure airport announcement people get requests like that more often than you think.


No, the meme has apparently become so viral that the “joke” has manifested in everyday life, and that’s a good thing.

As funny as this is, the truth behind it is pretty sinister. We have major media organizations and politicians completely avoiding talking about Epstein in any fashion, going so far as to shut down stories about it. This is awful since the story they’re shutting down is an underage sex traffic ring that was visited by powerful people.

I think the meme appearing on airport announcement screens is far from the biggest concern we should have.

Regardless, the fun question now is where it might appear next. Perhaps on your highway’s announcement board? Grafitti on the side of a building?




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