Trump Tweets Out "Medal of Pawnor" Meme In Honor of Dog Who Took Down Baghdadi and Blue Checks Lose It

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America has gone gaga over the dog who ran ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a dead-end, causing the leader to detonate an explosive vest he was wearing.

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While the general public still hasn’t been let in on the dog’s identity due to it still being classified, we have been treated to quite a few pictures and no shortage of memes as a result.

One that was particularly good was a creation by the Daily Wire that showed a photoshopped picture of President Donald Trump awarding the dog version of the medal of honor to the brave pooch. The medal is called the “Medal of Pawnor”…by me…and now by you.

Daily Wire posted the meme to a tweet, not so subtly asking Trump to make this an actual thing that happens.

Apparently, the President was listening, and Trump posted the Daily Wire’s meme himself from his own Twitter account.

“AMERICAN HERO!” tweeted Trump.

But if you thought this was fun in and of itself, the irrational reaction of anger from the left is nothing short of hysterical.


The fact that blue checkmarks are losing it over the fact that this is a photoshopped picture and/or that it’s coming from a right-leaning site like the Daily Wire is the icing on top of this dog’s peanut butter and Milkbone encrusted cake. They honestly seem very confused about the concept of memes and don’t understand that not everything has to be very serious.

Fun seems to be a foreign concept.

That said, I implore Trump to make the “Medal of Pawnor” a real thing and decorate this good boy’s (or girl’s) neck with it as soon as humanly possible. Not only do I think the dog earned it, I think our four-legged friends should get a lot more recognition than they actually do.


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