Meet the US Military Dog that Drove ISIS's Leader to Kill Himself

We now know the answer to the question “who is a good boy?”

As we know, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed during a raid by the United States military on his hidden hideout. President Donald Trump made the comment of how al-Baghdadi “died like a dog, he died like a coward. He was whimpering, screaming and crying.”


Funny enough, it was a dog that drove al-Baghdadi to kill himself with an explosive vest, ending the lives of himself and his children.

According to the description of the raid, eight helicopters of American troops, canines, and even a robot landed around the compound. This eventually ended in a chase down a tunnel lead by an unnamed dog from the U.S. military. The ISIS leader eventually reached a dead end with the dog bearing down on him.

In desperation, al-Baghdadi activated his suicide vest and took the coward’s way out. The dog was reportedly injured in the blast but is also reported to be making a full recovery.

Caleb Hull managed to secure a picture of the dog and tweeted it out.

Trump called the canine “talented” in his description.

“Nobody was even hurt. Our canine as they call, I call it a dog, a beautiful dog. A talented dog was injured and brought back,” said Trump.

Trump credited the dog with the reason American troops suffered zero casualties.

“They blasted their way in so quickly. It was incredible. Because the building was quite powerful, strong. They blasted their way in and then all hell broke loose. It’s incredible that nobody was killed or hurt. We had nobody even hurt. That’s why the dog was so great,” he said.


Apparently, the military brought along the robot under the knowledge that it was likely that a suicide vest would be used, but the robot was just too slow compared to the dog. According to Trump, everything happened so quickly that getting the robot in wasn’t an option.

“We were moving fast. We weren’t 100 percent sure about the tunnel being dead-ended. It’s possible that there could have been in the escape patch somewhere along that we didn’t know about. So we moved very, very quickly. These people were moving. They were chasing,” he said.

A lot of heroes went on that raid, but the credit for the kill goes to an anonymous dog who bravely charged into the fray in order to take down the world’s most wanted terrorist.

Good boy.


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