Are We Seeing the End to the Domination of Mainstream Culture by the "Woke" SJW Crowd?

Social justice infected everything from movies and the news media, to corporations and universities. No matter where you turned, you were getting preached to about morals by the last people on Earth who should be telling us what our morals should be.


While many vehemently resisted the nonsensical jabbering of the social justice warriors, the fact is that between the mobs and their media support, many suffered as a result. Hollywood stars, comedians, or even YouTube personalities who stepped out of the “woke” crowd’s arbitrary lines were summarily destroyed by the mob and their new complicit news media.

Drunk on their power, they helped create “cancel culture,” which got so out of hand that even doing something good for sick children prompted reporters to begin looking into your social media past for sins as one Iowa man recently found.

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Among these problems comes the fact that the creativity of many artists had to be silenced in the face of fears that what they create would make the wrong people angry. Think of all the movies, television shows, and comedy specials that we didn’t get to see because artists were too afraid to create honestly. The only thing seemingly allowed to happen was art that promoted the ideas of the social justice crowd.

And then Dave Chapell’s comedy special “Sticks and Stones” happened and something shifted.

Chappell’s standup special was a falling domino that subsequently began the collapse of other dominoes. Other comedians and artists began speaking out here and there. Bill Burr also released a standup special that practically spit in the face of everything the SJW crowd held holy.


Recently, both director Todd Phillips of the upcoming movie Joker, and leftist comedian Bill Maher have openly lashed out at the “woke” crowd.

Phillips’ movie hasn’t even released yet, but it’s already gone through the gauntlet of SJW pearl-clutching with the hard-left claiming that it glorifies incel violence, and that it will cause white men to lash out. Phillips commented that the SJWs have killed comedy.

“Go try to be funny nowadays with this woke culture,” he said. “There were articles written about why comedies don’t work anymore—I’ll tell you why, because all the f***ing funny guys are like, ‘F**k this shit.”

Fascinatingly, his movie is already approaching a projected $80 million marker for October alone, likely thanks to controversy it caused within the SJW community and the spite many people tend to express whenever the “woke” crowd becomes outraged.

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Maher was not kind at all in his description of the “woke” crowd and suggested Democrats push them out if they ever want to win an election again.

“They don’t do anything,” said Maher. “They’re pointing at other people who are somehow falling short of their standards, which could have changed three weeks ago. They’re constantly moving the goalposts so they can go, “Gotcha!””


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It was just a few months ago that nobody in the industry would dare say such a thing for fear of the Twitter mob, yet here they are saying it in spite of them. It would seem that, slowly but surely, the people are learning that the SJW crowd is far worse in their bark than they are their bite, and the fear of them is starting to dissipate.

This is only good news, as a rejection of the social justice warrior code of “ethics” would prompt a reawakening of a substantial culture. People will be able to create with far more confidence and not worry about the consequences of breaking some nebulous rules set by people who change the rules all the time.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s created.

While it’s still early to say that SJW dominance over the mainstream will disappear to a great extent, we’re currently seeing a building momentum for it, and it’s coming straight from the American people.

While Chappell may have been the pebble to begin the avalanche, the pebble was moved by a populace that was sick of the tyrannical hold the social justice advocates had on our culture. There were many indications, but some of the major ones were obvious.

The increasing popularity of Chick-fil-A in spite of the left’s war against it.


The crashing ratings of leftist cable news networks, preachy Hollywood award shows, and politically injected NFL games.

The embrace of the citizen journalist and commentators and distrust of mainstream journalists.

But the biggest and most in your face clue was the election of Donald Trump in 2016. While many things played a factor in his win against Hillary Clinton, a societal rejection of the social justice warrior culture was definitely among them. It’s the reason he’ll be reelected in 2020, and judging by the Democrat’s desperation to find any way to kick him out of office before the election, I’d say they know it too.

People are continuously showing the mainstream media and its leftist cohorts that we don’t want what they’re selling. Until Chappell, most people within the mainstream media weren’t getting it.

Now they do. Now they’re speaking out.

There’s still a long way to go before many in the mainstream spotlight shake off the shackles and begin creating honestly again, but I can confidently say that we’re on the way now. There’s going to be pushback, outrage, screaming, mob action, and attempts to use cancel culture, but the SJWs greatest weapon is also their greatest weakness.

Every time they act they only hasten the end of their ideology being a mainstream affair, and like a lightbulb, they’ll burn bright before they go out, but rest assured, they’re going out.


And good riddance.

The SJWs have been the largest drag on our culture and caused a massive devolution of society that we’re going to be making up for years to come. Children who have been abused by them through trendy gender theories will be forever scarred with the non-scientific treatments by adults they were unlucky enough to fall under the “protection” of. Corporations are going to have to learn the hard way that obeying the SJW crowd is far more punishing than ignoring them.

It’ll be a lot of repairing damages, but I’d rather do that than continue to see our culture suffer under this asinine rule by what amount to grown children.


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