High School Football Game Cancelled Due to Security Concerns After Cheerleaders Held Up Trump 2020 Sign

It all started when some cheerleaders held up a Trump 2020 banner in a photo at North Stanly High School in North Carolina. The cheerleaders were punished with a “probation” but, in truth, the school took no action against the cheerleaders and continued to allow them to cheer at other games.


The reason behind the “probation” was due to the fact that the cheer squad was wearing their uniforms in the photo, and school policy dictates that the school cannot be viewed as endorsing a political candidate, and fair enough.

That should have been the end of it, but since this is 2019, someone was angry enough to get violent.

According to Fox News, Stanly High canceled their upcoming football game, simply stating that they received “additional information that could compromise safety measures our schools have in place for sporting events.”

What this means has remained obscure, but according to Jeremy Onitreb, an organizer for an upcoming rally in support of the cheerleaders who held the sign, a threat was sent to the school as reported by the Daily Wire:

Onitreb also told the Observer that he and fellow organizers were in contact with law enforcement ahead of the rally. But then, he said, someone tried to shut down the rally by threatening the school.

“The reason they decided to cancel the game is because somebody out there wanted to shut down our free speech so bad — they wanted to shut this rally down so bad — that they were willing to call the school and threaten the school,” he said. “I’m flabbergasted.”


Onitreb said that despite the football game’s cancellation, the rally will continue, and rallies may even be held until the end of the season to get the point across.

“We’re not going down like this,” he said. “Rocky Balboa wore American flag trunks for a reason. Do you know how hard it was to knock that man out? Well, it’s going to be real hard to knock us out.”

It’s sad that a school is having to shut down an entire football game because someone with an advanced case of TDS can’t stand to see the orange man supported by the youth that left is supposed to own. If anything, the school should increase security and hold the game anyway in defiance of these threats just as Onitreb is continuing to hold these rallies.

A message has to be sent that fear won’t rule the day.


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