If You Believe the Accusations About Brett Kavanaugh and Cheer Attacks On Him, You're Not the Good Guy

President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018, for the third day of his confirmation to replace retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


With Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh back in the crosshairs of the Democratic party, you once again have concerned crusaders against rape and sexual assault charing to the front in some glorified attempt to restore our society to goodness and reinforce the protection of women.

And those that truly think they’re doing good here are playing themselves. In fact, they’re not the good guys, they’re the bad guys. What’s more, I think too many of them know it and put on the show under the full realization that what they’re doing is dishonest and downright evil, but pardon it in the name of politics.

Let’s go over some facts.

I think at this point it’s safe to say Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh never raped anyone, nor did he facilitate rape, nor did he do anything lewd during his high school days. In fact, judging by his character witnesses, his own testimony, and a literal calendar he kept of his every day, he was a model youth.

To this day, every accuser that has come forth has had absolutely nothing in the way of proof to show for it, and even the people who they say can back up their claim have said they have zero idea as to what the accuser is talking about.

Even the most popular accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, was found to be pretty fraudulent after her own lawyer admitted that her quest to have Kavanaugh denied his seat on the Supreme Court was about fighting for abortion. Ford’s own father seems to disbelieve his daughter as he was seen telling Kavanaugh’s father that he’s glad his son got to the Supreme Court.


It was a circus that tore Kavanaugh and this nation apart. The underhanded actions of the Democratic party haunted them well into the 2018 elections and will continue to haunt them into 2020. While Kavanaugh reached the Supreme Court, his life and the life of his family has been damaged forever. Like fellow Justice Clarence Thomas, these accusations will follow him around all his life.

As we can see, the mainstream media has zero problems reawakening these accusations as the New York Times recently demonstrated. The accusation by one Deborah Ramirez was reawakened, which claimed that Kavanaugh exposed himself near her face at a party. No one can corroborate the story, and wouldn’t you know it? It took Democrat attorneys to remind her that it was Kavanaugh after all these decades!

But the NYT published an article about a book surrounding Kavanaugh that states it found a witness that did see Kavanaugh do lewd things and published the article, reigniting a firestorm and giving the 2020 candidates another reason to make headlines by calling for his resignation.

Only it wasn’t real, and to everyone’s complete shock and surprise, the NYT didn’t publish the full context of the tale which states that this “witness” refused to be interviewed and whose friends confirm that she doesn’t even remember it happening.


Suddenly, the story dried up and mainstream outlets are now relatively quiet about it.

But people aren’t. For the populace, this little factoid isn’t paid much attention to. The fact that the press is quietly slinking away from the story is lost on those who now have solid proof that Kavanaugh is the monster they knew he was all along. The damage is done.

Twitter has been on fire with Kavanaugh talk, with many people getting on their soapboxes and showing us that their moral compass is currently pointed due north while we’re told everyone else supports rape culture. It’s been in my own mentions.

I want to make it clear to these people. You’re not the good guy, and everything that I listed above is the reason why. In fact, you’re the villain in this story.

Remember firstly that the motivations behind the attacks on Kavanaugh were political. The left wanted to protect abortion and the Supreme Court, which is now tilted right after Kavanaugh’s confirmation. What’s more, it’s a Justice that was appointed by President Donald Trump which makes it sting all the more.

Furthermore, all the accusations against Kavanaugh have all the substance and weight of shadows. Every accusation has come up empty in terms of evidence and witnesses. In fact, every witness who knew Kavanaugh completely demolished these claims, and even witnesses called on by accusers seem to lend to Kavanaugh’s goodness.

The man is innocent.

If you’re still pushing the idea that he’s a rapist, then you’re doing so in spite of the evidence. You’re not standing bravely in the way of “rape culture,” you’re just one more member of the mob conducting a witch hunt. You’re not helping women who face sexual assault, you’re making their claims seem less weighty. You’re not standing up for justice, you’re promoting social death by the court of public opinion where lack of evidence doesn’t mean a thing.


I pray that you or your loved ones never wind up in a situation where a false accusation causes so much upheaval in your lives that you never come back from it. However, if you support the figurative crucifixion of an innocent man because his politics differ from yours then you’re making that scenario all the more likely.

No matter what you say or do, you won’t be able to stop it. No matter what evidence you put forth, it won’t mean a thing. You’ve been deemed guilty and so you are.

And should that day come, you can reflect back to when you yourself cheering on as it happened to someone else.



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