Remembering the Dogs of 9/11

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 were a great evil that produced many heroes that did a lot of good, but not every hero walked into danger on two legs. Many ran in on four.


They say we don’t deserve dogs and they truly proved this on 9/11. Without the help of our K-9 companions, many people would never have been found and rescued, and some even sacrificed their lives in their attempts to save others. ‘

A Twitter user going by “Clays & Birds” created a Twitter thread remembering some of the dogs that took part in the rescue efforts during that day, and while this day is remembered as one of atrocity, remembering the bravery of our furry heroes is a bright light in that dark memory.

What’s important to remember is that around 300 dogs played a part in rescue efforts on 9/11, and only a third of them were actually trained for situations like this. That’s around 200 dogs that didn’t have the proper training but did what they could anyway.

As Clays & Birds points out, these dogs and their efforts rewrote the book on dog search and rescue.

Here are some of the dogs, and the parts they played. You’ll notice that dogs played multiple roles, be it search and rescue or even being there for therapy reasons.



Man has created a multitude of things during our existence, but it could be well argued that humanity’s greatest creation has always been the domesticated dog. They play with us when we’re feeling playful, they cuddle with us when we’re feeling lonely, they defend us when danger comes for us, and they run by our side headlong into danger whenever the world needs heroes.

Thank God for dogs. Man’s best friend indeed.


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