Man Who Lost His Mother During 9/11 Shreds Ilhan Omar During Public Speech

SCREENSHOT: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon

The events on 9/11 are still fresh in the minds of many as the suffering from the losses they endured are scars that never fully healed. Thousands died, and memories of loved ones are still alive and well in the hearts and minds of those who love them.


This is why when Rep. Ilhan Omar of “The Squad” brushed off the events of that day as “some people did something” while giving a keynote speech during a CAIR event, many became infuriated and rightfully so. That phrase was a dismissal, of not only the Islamic terrorists that committed the atrocity but the people who died at their hands.

Now, on the anniversary of 9/11, one man giving a speech to a crowd is letting Omar know just who did what as he remembers how his mother was lost that day.

“Some people did something? Why the confusion? 19 Islamic terrorists killed 3000 people. Is that clear,” he asked.

“I was attacked. Our Constitution was attacked. Our Judeo-Christian founding was attacked. That’s what some people did,” said the man.

“Got that now?” asked the man.

“We are here today, congresswoman, to tell you and “the squad” just who did what to whom. Show respect in honoring them, please,” he continued.

It has to be incredibly heartbreaking to listen to a leader in congress downplay an attack that took so much innocent life, especially when one of those lives that were taken is someone who was incredibly close to you.


It’s even sadder to think that there are 3,000 more stories out there just like this one. That’s 3,000 lives Omar flippantly shrugged about.

Omar has tweeted out about 9/11 saying we will never forget the lives that were lost during the terror attack. She still refuses to mention the reason behind the attacks, but no one should expect her to speak so plainly.




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