Black Republican Terrence K. Williams Goes Off on Debra Messing

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The tired and abused lie that the Republican Party is a party of racism and keeping minorities down has been disproven so many times that it’s a wonder it still thrives. This is, in part, thanks to a media that keeps the lie fresh in the minds of the public, and makes any minuscule thing out to be a grand racist act.


Take, for instance, the Baltimore controversy where President Donald Trump highlighted the rat and trash infestation the city suffered from. While Democrats made carefully shot speeches about how Trump and Republicans are racist, Trump supporters went down to Baltimore to help clean it up.

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Hollywood celebrities are also in on the narrative, too. Debra Messing, one of Hollywood’s most vocal anti-Trump twitter accounts, has gone so far as to say that Trump is a white supremacist who is attempting to suppress “POC” and Jewish peoples. Funny enough, the only person insulting black Americans is Debra Messing.

The actress, in a now-deleted tweet, said “THANK YOU #Alabama” last Saturday in response to a tweet of a Baptist church in Birmingham that displayed a sign reading: “A black vote for Trump is mental illness.”

Terrence K. Williams, a black Republican, became upset at Messing for this incredibly racist remark that essentially put black voters into a column of either belonging to Democrats or being mentally unfit.

In a video where he was clearly very angry, Williams told Messing that, as a black man, he can think for himself and that the Democrat party doesn’t own him. He also made it clear that Messing was out of line for suggesting Hollywood players voting for Trump should be put on a blacklist.


“Why are you targeting innocent Americans? What is wrong with a bunch of American citizens supporting the President of the United States of America. What is wrong with that?”

“You have lost your ever-lasting mind,” said Williams.

Messing replied to Williams saying she regretted promoting the Alabama sign, but that Trump was a white supremacist targeting people of color and Jews. She then also said that she has never supported a blacklist.

This is demonstrably false. As I wrote yesterday, Messing and her “Will and Grace” co-star Erick McCormack clearly supported the idea of a Hollywood blacklist as they asked for The Hollywood Reporter to compile a list of people going in and out of a Trump fundraiser in Beverly Hills so that “the rest of us” know not to work with them again.


Messing and McCormack attempted to do some damage control by denying that they’re wanting to create a blacklist without providing any real defense of it, instead, saying she has a right to not work with people. She’s not wrong, but as McCormack pointed out, the list was intended for public release so that everyone else in Hollywood would know to avoid working with them.

That’s called a blacklist.

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Williams wasn’t done. In response to Messing trying to lazily convince Williams that Trump hated minorities and Jewish people, Williams posted a video an entire room filled with black Republicans, many of them wearing MAGA hats.

Messing, like Alyssa Milano and Bette Midler, all fire from the hip when it comes to their hatred of Republicans and Donald Trump, often tweeting before they think. Middler was recently in hot water for a racist moment similar to Messing. Seeing black people in the background of a shot from a Trump rally, Middler dismissed them as paid actors and referred to them as a “blackground.”


Middler’s stereotyping black Americans as Democrat voters made many black Americans very angry, and she soon deleted the tweet.

All of this stems from the idea that the black community is somehow owned by the Democrat party, with many Democrats making the argument that a minority voting for a Republican is voting against their self-interest. As such, many black Republicans and libertarians have been labeled as “Uncle Tom” or “House Ni****s” by the left.

Democrats seem to forget that black people are individuals, not a voting bloc to be claimed.

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