Debra Messing Thinks You're Stupid

Hollywood actress Debra Messing, best known for her role as “Grace” in the show “Will and Grace,” called for the creation of a list of Hollywood industry professionals who are pro-Trump so that would allow the leftist elite in Hollywood to never work with them again.


It all started when Will McCormack learned that President Donald Trump would be holding a fundraiser in Beverly Hills during Emmy week. McCormack told The Hollywood Reporter to compile a list of people attending the event so that everyone else can be clear about who not to work with in the future.

Messing sent out a simple tweet in response saying “co-signed.”

Both of these tweets were greeted with criticism and anger, and rightfully so. This is pure McCarthyism in a time when people who support Trump are punished. In Hollywood, which is dominated by radical leftism, any actor seen promoting Trump would likely lose the ability to work in that town ever again.

On Tuesday, McCormack attempted to assure everyone that he’s not creating a blacklist and despises discrimination of any kind. Messing posted the message on her own Instagram, reassuring everyone of their intent behind collecting the names and forming a list of Trump supporters.


The problem is that McCormack and Messing both endorsed putting people’s names on a list compiled by the media in order to make it hard for them to get work in the future. This is the very definition of blacklisting. McCormack and Messing are attempting to tell us that what they’re doing is something different than the very definition of what they’re doing.

What angers me about this is that Messing is essentially trying to sell the idea that she’s completely innocent of something horrible, and the problem is that we’re actually at fault because we’re just misunderstanding her.

In other words, we’re the stupid ones, not her.

The reality is that Messing and McCormack are both trying to destroy the lives of others because they disagree with them politically. This is disgusting. It’s a testament to their character that they’re not only willing and ready to sink careers over a vote, but that they’re willing to blatantly lie about the fact that they’re trying to do it as well.


Messing and McCormack do discriminate. They do seek to punish Republicans for being Republican. That’s the bottom line.

They need to own it and do one of two things. They can admit their fault and apologize for not only trying to urge the creation of a blacklist but trying to convince everyone that they’re mistaken for believing it, or they can own it and double down on it.

I’d almost rather them do the latter. At this point, at least I could say they’re being honest. An apology would be great, but I’m not sure I’d believe it.


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