Brazil Tells G7 to Keep Their Aid Money, then Burns World Leaders by Telling Them What They Can Do With It

While the leaders at the G7 summit may have felt good about drumming up $20 million for Brazil to help fight the fires in the Amazon, Brazil is shrugging it off and adding a few choice words for these leaders to boot.


According to The Hill, Brazil representatives said that the money is “interference” and added that the language of accepting the term was too “ambiguous.” Furthermore, Brazil said it never asked for this help and it was decided without the input of Brazil at all:

According to The Hill, Brazil did tell them what they could do with that money, though, and that’s to solve their own problems:

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro‘s chief of staff, Onyx Lorenzoni, also told Globo news website in response to the offer: “Thanks, but maybe those resources are more relevant to reforest Europe,” according to Politico.

“Macron cannot even avoid a predictable fire in a church that is part of the world’s heritage, and he wants to give us lessons for our country?” Lorenzoni added, referring to French President Emmanuel Macron and the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris earlier this year.


It’s not entirely clear what was in the agreement for the money, but it was seemingly insulting to Brazillian leaders if this was their reaction. The decision for the funding from the G7 council was made on Monday without both Brazil’s input and President Donald Trump, who did not attend that meeting.


Bolsonaro himself has been called the “Trump of the Tropics” after running a populist right-wing campaign. One of his goals was to open up the rainforest for business development, as Brazil’s environmental laws were “suffocating” the country according to him. He has expressed his belief that the fires were started in the Amazon by nongovernmental organizations to try to make him look bad, according to The Hill.



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