Report: Vox Is Parting Ways with YouTuber Carlos Maza

The Vox website is displayed on an iPad held by an Associated Press staffer in Los Angeles, on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. Comcast, which became a TV powerhouse by signing up Generation Xers, is investing in online media outlets like BuzzFeed and Vox that attract millenial viewers. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)


According to various reports, YouTube pariah and Vox video creator Carlos Maza will not be working at Vox anymore.

Maza recently obtained infamy after starting an online war with conservative comedian Steven Crowder that caused YouTube to crack down on which content gets monetized. This move effectively put many content creators bank accounts in danger and made Vox and Maza seem like villains.

According to the New York Post, Vox initially supported Maza in his war against Crowder, but as his battle became a crusade, Vox began distancing itself:

Initially, sources said, Vox executives had supported him in his battle with Crowder. But as Maza wanted to escalate the all-out war, their support seemed to wane.

Maza recently posted on Twitter that he went through the “shakiest” few weeks of his life, and posted a joke that he’s going through “trama.”

Whether or not this pertains to his parting of ways with Vox or not is still not known.


It should also be noted that while mainstream news outlets are reporting that Maza is out, there still has been no confirmation as to the validity of the reports.

Rumors have also been spreading based on these reports as to the nature of Maza and Vox parting ways. Various reports on Reddit claim that Maza has been fired from Vox. This would support some of the odd posts Maza has been posting about “trauma” and Vox’s unwillingness to follow Maza into a war with all of conservatism. Maza had also turned his attention toward Fox News host Tucker Carlson as well.

RedState will definitely be keeping its eyes on this story, but if this is the case, and Maza and Vox are parting ways over Maza’s zealousness, then it would show that even the mainstream media isn’t ready to take on the conservative movement, at least at its current level of strength.


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