YouTube Video Shows the Pro-Trump, anti-Al Sharpton Side of Baltimore the Media Won't

Screenshot: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon

The city of Baltimore is in trouble and the residents seem to know it. The media is doing its level best to make it seem like President Donald Trump, the Republicans, and their supporters are racists who care nothing for the plight of Baltimore residents and are content to watch it crumble while making snide comments about it.


As I wrote earlier, that’s clearly not the case. Trump supporters have gathered together and created a movement alongside Baltimore residents to clean up the city, one street at a time.

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The YouTube channel Fleccas Talks, usually known for being on the ground at campus protests put on by hard-left students, went down to Baltimore to check out what Baltimore residents were really feeling. The media’s cameras must have been very careful, and their microphones pointed in specific directions because the residents weren’t the anti-Trump hive you were told.

The video begins with residents complaining about how bad Baltimore has gotten with its crime. People robbed in broad daylight, one woman unwilling to stay out past a certain time, and one man who lamented the old days when Baltimore wasn’t so dangerous.

“They don’t care about the area here. They’re not concerned about us,” said one woman of those in charge.

Another man complained that Rep. Elijah Cummings will vote to approve billions in funding for illegal immigrants, but won’t approve a dime for parts of the city.


“Elijah Cummings, he’s been there for 25 years,” said the man. “He allocated $4.6 billion for illegal immigrants, but he hasn’t donated any money for North Avenue.”

“Where’s he been at? It’s drug-infested, it’s homeless people right there in West Baltimore,” said the man. “Two blocks from his district. He don’t come there every day. I haven’t seen Elija Cummings in ten years ride down North Avenue. The last he’d been there is the riots from Freddie Gray.”

The Baltimore residents interviewed all seem to agree that what the president said is true.

One of the most striking moments is when the Fleccas Talks correspondent showed footage of Rev. Al Sharpton giving a speech defending Elijah Cummings. During the speech, one of the attendees in the sparse crowd began shouting down Sharpton, accusing him of being a phony who doesn’t actually care about Baltimore. Another screamed as Sharpton retreated about not being the schools were failing Baltimore children.

The video also shows footage and interviews from the cleanup effort happening in Baltimore, lead by Trump supporters.


The one question that keeps going through my mind is along the same lines as the ones screamed at Sharpton. As people are gathering to clean up Baltimore, where is Sharpton and Cummings? Where are the reporters who were so indignant about Trump’s words? Where are the Democrats who claim to care about these people? They’ll show up to make speeches and virtue signal on mainstream media soapboxes, but all in all, they’re non-entities in Baltimore’s problems.

As the man said in the interview, they haven’t been there for years.

Baltimore isn’t just plagued with rats, it’s plagued with an unconcerned body of lawmakers who seem to be more interested in their personal gain than actually helping the people. Because of this, people are feeling the pain.



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