So Feminists Are Just Going to Ignore the Fact that Lena Dunham "Sexually Assaulted" Brad Pitt?

“It’s okay when we do it.” It’s the unofficial motto of the left, and we get daily reminders that the things that the left considers to be grave sins are perfectly okay to do if they’re the ones doing it.


Take, for instance, the feminist movement’s former sweetheart Lena Dunham. Dunham was on the front lines of “believing all women” until it was someone close to her who was in the crosshairs. Dunham immediately moved to defend her longtime show writer Murray Miller, then under pressure, caved and turned on Miller.

But apparently, her stance that sexual assault is bad is about as wobbly as her loyalties. Dunham made headlines when she attempted to force a kiss on Brad Pitt during the premiere of Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

She even brags about a moment of flashing Pitt her underwear while on set on the movie.

I should say that I personally don’t see the harm in a surprise peck, and understand the context behind Dunham’s underwear flash towards Pitt. My problem is that Dunham and self-professed feminists have expressed that these kinds of things are wrong to do, and even have gone so far as to call it things like “sexual assault.”

Imagine if someone like Danny DeVito or Jerry Seinfeld had done what Dunham did. Imagine Adam Driver trying to sneak a kiss, or Gary Oldman flashing his underwear at an actress. There would be outrage pouring down from the hills like a broken dam, flooding the media and internet with hashtags and opinion pieces.


Yet, we’re not hearing much from Hollywood or the feminist elite. There’s a smattering of tweets calling Dunham a hypocrite, but there is no reawakening of a movement. Dunham isn’t the right sex for the outrage to take root. Feminism has nothing to say about sexual things forced on men.

And herein lies my problem with this entire thing. This story is just slipping into the background over the fact that when it comes to men, there seems to be little care in what happens to them. There is no outrage for Pitt. There are no think pieces about how toxic femininity has made women doing something we’d be furious with a man over pardonable.

If you’re wondering why people can’t take feminism or #MeToo seriously, this is why. It’s because when women do wrong — according to feminists who dictate what right and wrong is — it’s not wrong. It’s okay when they do it.


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