Trans Activist Is Hosting a "Topless," No Parents Allowed Swimming Event for Girls as Young as Twelve

A trans activist in Canada named Jessica Yaniv has been making some waves around the news as of late. He recently made the headlines for filing a lawsuit to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against fifteen female aestheticians who refused to give him a Brazilian wax due to their discomfort with handling male genitalia.


According to Ian Miles Cheong at Human Events, Yaniv’s lawsuit against these women for “transphobia” is a hot topic, but according to Cheong, Yaniv’s depravity goes far deeper than forcing lawsuits against innocent women who displeased him.

According to a document uncovered by Cheong, Yaniv filed a request to appear before Langley city council in order to discuss permission to host a swimming event for children as young as 12. Among the topic of discussion is that the girls who attend will be able to go “topless.”

To make this even creepier, Yaniv has also noted that parents and guardians will not be able to attend to the swimming event.

In other words, Yaniv is asking the city of Langley if he can host underage girls at a pool where they will be swimming half nude.

This should be blasted from every mainstream media outlet from Canada to China, however, due to Canada’s overt obedience to social justice, naysaying a transgender person may not only land you a status as a public pariah, but it can land you in legal and financial trouble just like the ladies in the lawsuit above.


In any normal world, this kind of proposition would immediately be dismissed and the person who proposed it possibly investigated. However, in Canada, this is forced down the public’s throat without much recourse. It’s so bad that Yaniv has posted in young women’s bathrooms without any punishments from authorities or even social media platforms whatsoever.

Judging from Yaniv’s reported texting history, this man is clearly delusional and seems very interested in seeing young girls nude.

His alleged texts have even revealed his intent to ask children as young as 10 if they have tampons or pads, as well as attempting to court them.


If these texts are real, then this man needs help before he does something to a child. However, he has successfully managed to get people on social media silenced for calling him out for his behavior, and has even gotten far enough that he can now ask to have a semi-nude party for LGBT kids where parents aren’t allowed.



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