California Governor Gavin Newsom Might Be Losing It, Gives Bizarre Interview With Crazy Claims

If you’re looking for a man who has drunk gallons of the feminist kool-aid, then look no further than California Governor Gavin Newsom who managed to rattle off a slew of feminist buzzwords, make wild claims about California, and insult the GOP while praising its voters in three minutes, undoubtedly setting some kind of record.


Newsom, during his appearance on “Axios on HBO,” said the GOP is heading toward being a third party over its embrace of “toxic masculinity,” and that the Republicans are outraging white men over their fear of “the other.”

It began with the Axios interviewer quoting Newsom about how “the most dangerous words in the English language are ‘man up,’ ‘be a man,’ and ‘don’t be a sissy.'”

Newsom linked this to Trump, and how it’s hurting white working class men.

“What was the most interesting part of this election, 2016, was the number of white men of working age that aren’t working anymore,” said Newsom.

Newsom said he relates to the rural working class because he grew up around them, and noted that Trump is giving them a completely raw deal, which he calls a “bill of bullsh*t,” by tempting them with a nostalgia for a past America.

Or at least, that’s what I could garner from the word salad that Newsom was confidently tossing around.

Of course, Newsom attributed a lot of this to Fox News but noted that Fox News’ supposed racist and sexist outrage is appealing to a smaller and smaller base. He continued by stating that the real story is that the United States is today what California was in the 90’s — because California is so ahead of the times I guess — and the population is about to walk away from the GOP.


If you’re confused about this interview, then it’s not you. Either the editor cut it very oddly or Newsom is just that all over the place. I’m going to guess the latter, given the interviewers face during the interview.

But with that said, I’d like to correct some of Newsom’s claims.

For one, the Fox News audience is ginormous, and CNN and MSNBC couldn’t even match Fox’s primetime viewership if they were to combine their numbers.

Secondly, while polls being paraded around the mainstream media say that Trump isn’t doing as well as the Democrats as far as approval numbers go, his rallies tell a different story. What’s more, this different story is the same story we saw in 2016. People are coming to Trump’s rallies and filling stadiums with an overflow that number in the thousands. Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo is recognizing that this is a problem for Democrats.

Just by looking at the pictures and watching the interviews, it’s very clear that Trump’s voting populace isn’t strictly white and male. It’s also growing larger. Black support for Trump is up to 20 percent, 12 points higher than the eight percent of the vote he received in 2016.

Hispanic support for Trump is now at 50 percent.


Newsom’s wild claim that rural white men with toxic masculinity are a dwindling source of support for Trump is a pants-on-fire lie, and like Amy Klobuchar telling herself that Democrats are just as popular at rallies as Trump is, Newsom seems to be telling himself this in order to make himself feel better about the fact that the only popularity that’s waning is the hard left’s.

I joke that California is an ideological bubble, but Newsom’s bizarre interview is so laced with confidence that I wonder if he believes what he knows he’s making up. He truly believes that California is the future and despite all the evidence pointing to the fact that it’s not.



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