Transgender Student Who Shot Up Denver STEM School Did it for Revenge Over Teasing

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

You might not remember the transgender school shooter who wounded nine students and killed one at his Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) charter school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, back in May. I wouldn’t blame you for not recalling it, because the media more or less dropped the story once they found out that the shooter was of a protected group and a hardcore Democrat.


According to The Hill, the story has now resurfaced thanks to the unsealing of court documents, and the reason the transgender student wanted to carry out the killings was due to the teasing received over being transgender:

The police records, which were unsealed Thursday, show McKinney telling officers in an interview that he intended to “shoot and kill” kids who made fun of him, “hated him” and called him “disgusting” and other names for being transgender.

McKinney, who was born female, said he identifies as male and was beginning to transition.

He wanted “the kids at the school to experience bad things” and “suffer from trauma like he had to in his life,” court documents show.

McKinney reportedly reached out to Erickson on Snapchat the night before the shooting about carrying out the plan, but McKinney told investigators that he’d been planning the shooting for weeks.

McKinney reportedly told Erickson that he was “super suicidal” and that he wanted to get revenge on “a lot of people,” adding that he was thinking about killing his mom and siblings, court documents show.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if one of two things happened at this point.


The first is that the media tucks this away again, and it fades from the consciousness of the general public, never to be mentioned again.

The second is that this is used as an example by LGBT activists of just how far society pushes those within the LGBT community with its supposed derision and hatred in a country that throws it parades. Every headline and cable news personality would be touting the student’s being teased as the tragedy that leads to the atrocity. Essentially, it would paint the shooters as victims.

If I had to be given a choice between the two, I’d pick the former. The second would be a dangerous opening of doors for angry members of the LGBT community to begin formulating ideas that would result in the injuries and deaths of many. We don’t need to speculate about this, because it happens with many who are glorified in the media as pariahs after committing mass murder.

Remember, being a victim in the social justice community is currency and attention, and there’s not much bigger of a statement you can make about your own victimhood then being teased so much that you’re driven to murder.


In a perfect world, this event would be studied as another case of how a mental disorder can drive people to do heinous things. Lot’s of people are teased in school. Hormones and ignorance run rampant in schools, as do bullies. You’re going to get picked on and teased at some point, yet the vast majority of us — including those in the LGBT community — go on without killing or harming anyone.

The better focus of this story isn’t the kid’s political leanings or gender identity, it’s that he suffered from a mental illness and that is what we need to zero in on.


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