Dan Crenshaw Proves He Has One of the Best Senses of Humor In Washington

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It didn’t take long for Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) to become one of the most beloved representatives in Congress, and it’s not hard to figure out why. He’s young, he’s a veteran, he’s smart, and he’s not afraid to stick it to his fellow lawmakers when they absolutely need it.


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But outside of being an awesome addition to an otherwise horrific assortment of “leaders,” Crenshaw has a hilarious sense of humor, and the internet flat-out loves him for it. As Twitchy recently reported, Crenshaw is perfectly capable of making fun of himself to great effect.

Apparently, someone misspelled his name on a road sign. Instead of becoming irate about it as some of the more self-important lawmakers would, Crenshaw took the opportunity to laugh about it.

As a result, the internet laughed along with him.




Crenshaw has proven that he’s willing to laugh at himself, and even give back just as hard. However, it’s very rarely dark or ugly. Even his reaction to SNL’s Pete Davidson was pure class, even to the point where Davidson developed a respect for Crenshaw and the two became friends.

He’s one of the few politicians I can actually say I’d love to see continue to advance in his career. Maybe in the future, we’d be lucky enough to see him as President.



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