Tim Allen Is Being Labeled As a Racist After Doing Nothing Racist at All

The creator and star of “Last Man Standing” is now being labeled a racist for…well…we’re not sure.

Tim Allen, an openly right-leaning successful TV celebrity is making the press rounds for the newest Toy Story movie with his co-star Tom Hanks, and one of those stops involved an interview with The All-Mighty Xilla Valentine. Valentine wanted to know how the duo play Spades.


Hanks knows how to play spades, however, Allen did not and expressed that he had no idea what Hanks and Valentine were talking about, and dryly made comments about going to get coffee.

According to Twitchy, people are expressing that this is solid proof that Allen hates black people.



Oh, but wait. It’s not that Tim Allen doesn’t know how to play spades now. In the middle of trying to peg Allen as a racist for not knowing how to play a card game, someone found something that Tim Allen had said that really exposed him as a true racist.

Allen had attempted to reason that saying the “n-word” shouldn’t be considered as a bad thing coming out of his mouth as the intent is not at all racist.

Allen’s point is clear. If the word isn’t being used as a way to denigrate a black person, then its use shouldn’t matter all that much to anyone. To his point, it’s certainly used enough for all sorts of reasons, and it only seems to make people angry when it’s used by certain people. They don’t even have to be white for it to be wrong, as plenty of white comedians say it with no blowback.

Allen, however, is right-leaning, and so it’s racist.

Here’s the problem. Allen’s comments on the “n-word” weren’t something said recently. This quote of his is six years old.


So let’s break this down. Other comedians can say it on stage to little or no blowback. The Governor of Virginia can do blackface and his controversy will fizzle out quickly. White celebrities can literally promote the idea of killing off black babies in the womb because they’ll just grow up to be criminals anyway.

But Tim Allen is a racist because he doesn’t know how to play spades and six years ago he tried to reason that saying the “n-word” in certain contexts isn’t bad, as society has actually proved him right on.

The word “racism” has lost all meaning now.


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