Vox Is Destroying YouTube Over Crowder, but It's Actually Promoted Edgy Anti-LGBT Humor Recently

The Vox website is displayed on an iPad held by an Associated Press staffer in Los Angeles, on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. Comcast, which became a TV powerhouse by signing up Generation Xers, is investing in online media outlets like BuzzFeed and Vox that attract millenial viewers. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

We constantly see that if you dig under the surface, even just a shallow amount, you’ll find that a person or organization within the hard-left is beyond hypocritical.


Surprise, surprise. Vox isn’t any different.

While we can attribute the recent YouTube dust-up that sent the site scrambling to eliminate content that remotely resembles a controversial video — including striking educational and raw news channels — to Carlos Maza, the public’s currently public enemy numero uno is just the face. Vox is the vehicle through which Maza is plowing over YouTube.

We know that Maza is just the front-man to a much larger scheme because Vox’s leadership has publicly pushed YouTube’s leadership to essentially capitulate to Maza’s demands in an open letter.

Vox claims in this letter that conservative comedian Steven Crowder is encouraging homophobic and racist attacks toward Maza:

Your platform has made it easier than ever for people making abusive content to reach a massive scale. As Vox video producer Carlos Maza documented in a Twitter thread, he’s been the subject of repeated personal attacks by the popular YouTube commentator Steven Crowder. During a series of videos attempting to rebut Carlos’s arguments, he calls Carlos “the lispy queer from Vox,” along with many other homophobic and racist slurs. These repeated attacks on Carlos’s sexual orientation and ethnicity have led to vicious onslaughts, including doxxing and dogpiling, from many of Crowder’s millions of fans.


I’m going to assume that Vox has never actually sat to watch a Crowder video except to find times that he’s said things about Maza. If they had, they would have found that Crowder actively discourages harassment and doxxing. Still, Crowder was just the excuse Vox needed to initiate a much larger plan, and their plan is sadly working to the detriment of many innocent YouTubers.

The hypocrisy that comes into the equation for Vox, however, is that it has proven not to care about edgy, dark humor. In the past, Vox promoted a popular YouTuber named Filthy Frank who uses shock comedy that bashes everyone, and I mean everyone.

Vox was pushed to do a profile on Filthy Frank by his fans, and Vox was only too happy to do so. In 2017 — just two years ago — its review of Filthy Frank was released and now has almost 3 million views. While Vox acknowledges that Frank says horrible things, including about the LGBT community, it’s okay because he’s just playing a character similar to puppeteer comedian Jeff Dunham or “Family Guy” actor/writer Seth MacFarlane.

Filthy Frank pulls no punches and even openly says the word “faggot” without bleeping it. In one video, he comedically apologized — much like Crowder did — for saying certain things, especially against the LGBT community. This video ended with a song with the lyrics “… you’re gay now / you’re a giant faggot and you should kill yourself.”


Crowder bleeps out his usage of the word “faggot,” but Filthy Frank does not. Still, they have no problem with it because it’s just part of a character. Vox claims that when someone like Crowder says it, he’s not doing it for comedic reasons, he’s doing it because he truly believes it.

This is a complete mischaracterization of Crowder, but it doesn’t matter to Vox. Crowder disagrees with them politically and sits on the opposite ideological spectrum. Therefore, anytime words that denigrate the LGBT community come out of his mouth, it’s dangerous. Not so for Frank, however.

Anyone should find it odd that Vox will dig deep enough to find the true meaning behind Frank’s intent when it comes to his comedy, but seems to be woefully uninterested in digging into Crowder’s messaging. The fact that there’s a sudden lack of interest in research from an organization that likes to “explain” things should raise internal alarms, especially in light of the fact that they’re using Crowder as an excuse to wrangle all of YouTube.

Furthermore, it should be striking everyone as weird that Vox was only too happy to celebrate comedic videos featuring a person encouraging gay people to kill themselves just two years ago. Suddenly it can’t help but grasp at its pearls at the mere suggestion that someone is “queer.”


The problem was never that Crowder made fun of someone who is gay and non-white, the problem is that Crowder represents something far worse. He’s the boy pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. He’s the dog ripping back the curtain so you can see the “wizard.” Even more egregious for them is that Crowder is attracting crowds and changing minds. He’s even offering opportunities for his mind to be changed in civil debate, and civil debate is one thing that the hard-left would not gain from.

So Vox is not only hypocritical, it’s cowardly in its unwillingness to respond with open debate, not to mention fascistic for trying to silence anything that might look like opposition.



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