Carlos Maza Is Trying to Take the Heat Off Himself for Livelihoods Being Ruined (Don't Let Him)

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While he does have a good number of supporters, Vox Media’s Carlos Maza seems to have become a public pariah thanks to his war against YouTube over having his feelings hurt by Steven Crowder.


Over the past few days, YouTube has bent over backward in order to please Maza, who has apparently roused the mob against YouTube for even daring to allow someone like Crowder to have a platform. Maza has done everything in his power to make it seem as if Crowder is a white supremacist, a homophobe, and a bigot.

Crowder is definitely not any of those, but that matters little to Maza. His true target was never really Crowder, it was anyone and everyone who offered differing opinions based on an opposing ideology. To him, people like Tucker Carlson are considered an enemy to society, and as dictated by the social justice dogma of the modern era, if it’s not falling in line with them, it’s Hitlerian.

Maza’s plan worked…sort of. YouTube has made a sweeping rule demonetizing anyone with content that may remotely resemble an opinion not shared by Maza’s hard-left ilk. Content creators on the platform have lost their income whether they were right-leaning or not. This includes educational and raw news channels that featured content such as speeches from Hitler or Richard Spencer.

One such channel was Ford Fischer who operates a channel where he posts on the spot footage of events like alt-right gatherings, protests, speeches, etc. His work had been used in documentaries. Despite this, YouTube demonetized him.


This sudden rush to please Maza by YouTube is Maza’s doing. Maza whipped up what every corporation fears, and that’s a mob that may alter public opinion about them. While YouTube is staffed by the same type of leftist that Maza is, and was only too happy to capitulate, this is Maza’s fault.

However, Maza is attempting to take the blame off himself for YouTube’s sudden, panicked rush to fix an issue that wasn’t an issue. As creators find their source of pay going away, they can only trace it back to one man.

Maza, however, has decided to put the blame squarely on YouTube, and is attempting to simply pass it off as their incompetence in silencing and censoring the right people.

The last thing we should do is allow Maza and the media to structure the narrative that the cause of this “adpocalypse” is anyone’s fault but the creators of the outrage in the first place. Maza and the rest wanted censorship and punishment for those guilty of wrong-think. They got it.


When the left asks for more interference from the powers that be, this is what happens. There’s collateral damage. Innocent people suffer while you’re trying to target a specific group. The problem is that the specific group that Maza is targeting isn’t guilty of the things he’s pegging them with in the first place.

This sends YouTube frantically searching to position for a line to be drawn, and since Crowder did nothing wrong, they pull the line back further than it needs to be, hitting everyone else in the process.

This may be because of a reaction from YouTube, but rest assured, Maza was the source that caused the effect.

Keep the facts the fact. Maza caused this, and we shouldn’t let his false narrative thrive.



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