Watch: University Students Attempt to Shut Down Republican Speaker, Promote Murder

Patriot Prayer founder and rally organizer Joey Gibson speaks to his followers at a rally in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018. Small scuffles broke out Saturday as police in Portland, Oregon, deployed “flash bang” devices and other means to disperse hundreds of right-wing and self-described anti-fascist protesters.(AP Photo/John Rudoff)


The Western Oregon University recently featured a Republican speaker and incited the reaction of college leftists, including its Antifa members, who attempted to storm the speech, in addition to ignoring simple questions and promoting murder.

According to Wall Street Journal contributor Andy Ngo, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer was to speak at WUO. This caused a reaction by the student body government who sent out an email to students denouncing hate speech. What hate speech Gibson was guilty of was not discussed.

Antifa set up a mural in readiness for Gibson’s arrival that read 187-PIG, which according to Ngo, 187 is slang for murder.

Leftists turned out for event as well, bearing signs that accused attendees and the speaker of being a Nazi. Another person took photos of every person entering the room where the speech was to happen.

Ngo took a picture of standing-room-only space available to see the speech. Ngo wondered if the attendance was a result of the student government attempting to warn people away from watching Gibson.


Security was put up around the entrance to the room, though the protesters gathered around the glass and attempted to drown the Gibson out from there. One man kept screeching in a heavy metal voice according to Ngo, who posted a video of it.

Some of the opposition still showed up to the speech to try to corner Gibson. It didn’t go well, as one woman threw out unfounded accusations about President Donald Trump’s words and actions, including his supposed rape of various women.

Ngo also posted footage of Gibson interacting with the protesters before the event. He asked what hate speech he was guilty of, and no one could come up with an answer for him. After some time attempting to get them to see reason, the protesters attempted to drown Gibson out by singing “You Are My Sunshine.”

Ngo attempted to get footage of the interaction between officers and protesters attempting to force their way in, but was blocked by protesters who held signs up to block his view. Ngo said that one such attempt to gain access to the room almost resulted in a fight.


After the speech was done, protesters formed a wall of lines in order to make a “walk of shame” for attendees.

This is another example of how college leftists do and think what they’re told instead of actually attempting to sit down with others, get to know them, and attempt to find a middle ground. They’re told Republicans are evil and should never be listened to or engaged with.

This too often results in echo-chamber thinking that begins to become dangerous, with concepts like physical force and violence become perfectly acceptable to them.



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