The Media's Push for YouTube to Punish Its Opposition Is Already Claiming Victims

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I’m writing this article as I watch a flood of information rolls in over YouTube’s decision to demonetize channels that don’t fall in line with its partnership program. Reading between the lines, this means anyone with a right-leaning opinion and various news channels that are right-leaning or carry a neutral stance.


Here are just a few updates that I’ve seen so far from various users.

Keemstar has posted a picture of various channels that are reporting their ad dollars now disappearing into dust.

Ford Fischer of “News2Share” is an established private journalist who has been flagged over some of his content. The content itself is neutral but contains raw footage of various events including speeches of white supremacist Richard Spencer, which has been used in documentaries.


YouTuber and UKIP candidate Mark Meechum (aka Count Dankula) reported that he is getting tweets and private messages from other users who have found themselves demonetized for not walking the line.

Steven Crowder, who is at the center of the controversy and one of the channels that has been demonetized as a result — especially after YouTube originally found him innocent — stated that what is being dubbed the “Adpocalypse” is just getting started, but that he will continue to post on YouTube for now.

YouTube is now claiming that they will remove the demonetization of Crowder’s channel if they remove the links to the “Socialism is for figs” shirt, which alludes to a slur against homosexuals but does not actually say it.


This move by YouTube is only going to make things worse for them. Maza and the hard left wanted channels like Crowders wiped off of YouTube completely. To them, demonetization isn’t good enough. They want them silenced permanently.

This has had the effect of infuriating the social justice left and the LGBT activists currently swarming Crowder and YouTube.

On the opposite side, the channels that don’t fall in line with the social justice left are getting demonetized, essentially punishing them for not having the right opinions.

YouTube is not going to come out of this looking good at all, and this goes especially for Maza and Vox, who have now turned an entire community of people against them.




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