Crowder Responds to His Demonetization

Screenshot: Twitter Uploaded by Brandon

Steven Crowder has been the target of Vox’s Carlos Maza, and thanks to Maza’s ability to generate a rabid mob, YouTube has now backed down out of fear and overreacted by demonetizing anything that might be even remotely dangerous to its ad revenue.


Crowder has been the number one target thus far. According to YouTube, it originally couldn’t find anything wrong with Crowder’s channel, but then proceeded to demonetize it anyway. According to YouTube, this is due to the fact that Crowder has a shirt that reads “Socialism is for figs,” a reference to the slur used against homosexuals, but not actually used in the product.

YouTube said that if Crowder removes links to the shirt that they will reinstate his channel with monetization. I wouldn’t rest on the fact that this will be the end of it for YouTube. It’s already claiming far more victims than Crowder, and many of these are legitimate journalists with raw content, which is already turning many against YouTube.

On top of that, however, not completely removing Crowder has angered the mob that has rallied around Maza and Vox. They will not stop pushing until Crowder and channels like him are completely pushed off of YouTube.

Crowder has updated his Twitter with a video describing what is in store for the future, and says that some of the information we’ve been getting is “wholly inaccurate.”


Crowder said he spoke to YouTube, and as a result, will be speaking on his show tonight about what’s happening. He warns that many more punishments for other channels are coming down the line.

“The ability for one to make a living online…particularly YouTube, is about to change drastically and more than ever before,” says Crowder.

You can keep an eye on Crowder’s YouTube channel by following the link here. Also, feel free to head to Crowder’s merch store and join the Mug Club. While I’m not typically in the habit of promoting merchandise (at least for free), this upcoming battle may be bigger than we believe, and with Crowder at the center of it, he may need all the help he can get.



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