Texas Governor Gregg Abbott Continues to Prove to be the Best Governor In the Land

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks at the Dallas Regional Chamber at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on March 16, 2015. He spoke on the 2015 State of the State. (Michael Ainsworth/The Dallas Morning News) 03182015xALDIA

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made it a habit to give little video updates about various bills he’s signing, and each one he videos just makes him look even cooler.


In his continued efforts to make Texas the freest state in the land, Abbot has now filmed himself signing yet another bill, this time allowing the ordering of alcohol to be delivered throughout the state in the same way you would order food from Uber Eats.

“Have you ever ordered food or groceries from a retailer and also wished that you could order beer or wine delivered to your home?” asked Abbott.

“Well, I’m about to sign a law that allows you to do just that,” he said reaching for his pen.

Abbott then signed the document in front of him and held it up for the camera to see.

“Enjoy responsibly,” he added before the video cut out.

Greg Abbott has been proving to be one of the best governors in terms of taking the government’s hands off the people. On Monday, I covered a similar video released by Abbott showing him essentially banning red light cameras throughout the state with a stroke of his pen.


It seems like a rarity in this day and age to watch politicians and authorities relinquish power, especially power that makes them money. Abbott, however, has no qualms about doing so. As I said in Monday’s article, he’s a governor that actually treats the people in his state like adults fully capable of making their own decisions.

In all honesty, I hope this small video series he does catches on. I’d love to see more governors showing us what they’re doing to give power back to the people, even if it’s something as small as allowing the delivery of beer and liquor to the home.


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