Kyle Kashuv: Justice Has Finally Come for the Coward Who Let My Peers Die

Earlier on Tuesday, I reported that Scot Peterson, the resource officer who stood by while 17 people were killed during the fateful shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool in February of last year, has been arrested on multiple charges.


A surviving student from the shooting and now vocal political activist Kyle Kashuv has spoken out via a video on Twitter celebrating his arrest.

“The school resource officer, who cowered behind a wall and let my peers die, has finally been held accountable,” said Kashuv. “Scot Peterson was arrested.”

“For those who don’t know, this man literally stood outside a building and knew there was a shooter, knew he saw the rifle bag, he heard the shots. He was armed and he didn’t act,” Kashuv continued. “It was his job to go into the building and save my peers. Because of him, 17 of my peers were murdered,” Kashuv said.

“It was his job. It was his responsibility, and he failed us all,” Kashuv said.

“We can never get those people back, but we can fight for justice,” he added.

Kashuv was one of many students who ended up becoming politically active after the shooting, though unlike many of the other students who were celebrated in the media, Kashuv did not want to implement gun control. In fact, he pushed for the opposite. He worked with lawmakers in Washington and even met with President Donald Trump to help push reforms that would result in better school safety.


Soon, Kashuv became a well-recognized name among many in both the conservative and pro-gun movements.

I can’t imagine what Kashuv must be feeling as he’s watching justice find Peterson, but if my sense of gladness that those responsible for the shooting are getting their dues is any indication, it must be immense for Kashuv. In the video, Kashuv mentions that it’s a good day and, I think that’s a solid description, especially for him and his peers.

Kashuv had to endure a horrific experience, watch as the experience was made into something it should never have been, then go back to the place where the experience happened repeatedly as those responsible did everything in their power to downplay their part. The sense of injustice must have been monumental.

I’m happy for Kashuv, but not just for Kashuv. I’m happy that the good guys actually have this and that the actors pointing at everyone but themselves are now finding that their attempts to weasel out of their comeuppance are getting it.


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