Jim Carrey's Abortion Painting Highlights a Disturbing, Hidden Fact About the Pro-Abortion Crowd

The left often paints a proverbial picture of abortion to be something it’s not. They call it things like “women’s health,” or “reproductive justice” — whatever that means — and the most well-known descriptor, “pro-choice.” While we know that abortion is absolutely none of those things, the left will continue to paint abortion with such flowery terms until doomsday.


That is, except for Jim Carrey, who painted the most honest picture of abortion seen in some time, and like most helpful things leftists do, did so completely unintentionally.

As Alex Parker covered on Sunday, the comedy actor turned activist painted a picture that depicted Alabama Governor Kay Ivey as a baby in the womb having her brain sucked out by an abortionists vacuum.

This was not lost on many of the respondents who pointed out to Carrey that his vile painting of Ivey really did depict a horrible scene that happens to aborted babies, and that he acknowledged that babies were humans who grow up and become everyday members of our society.

While most responses were completely negative, there were a few highlights on the opposite end praising Carrey’s artwork.



I talk often of derangements shared by the left in this day and age, and here we see one of them in full effect. We often hear people on the left talk about how no one really wants to get an abortion, and that it’s a tragic necessity of our society that helps protect those with lower income or lack of privilege.

Yet we continuously see how, for the left, this isn’t the case. We get hashtags like “#ShoutYourAbortion,” where women are encouraged to literally brag about, and take pride in, killing their unborn child. We have Planned Parenthood activists on college campuses laughing about urinating in the graves of aborted fetuses. Back in 2014, an abortion counselor filmed herself getting an abortion and then promoted it on CNN.


And now we have Carrey’s graphic painting of abortion occurring to a Republican woman.

The left knows full well what abortion is and that it’s not a flowery thing. The fact that they avoid speaking of it in any realistic terms proves that they know this. However, if you watch them carefully, from time to time they’ll be fully honest about what it is and how they feel about it.

What’s more, they’ll show you that they’re okay with it. That this gruesome act that takes the life of a child not only doesn’t bother them, they consider it something akin to holy as evidenced by their hysterical and bombastic defense of it.

Here be monsters.


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