WATCH: BBC Continues Tradition of Maligning Right-Leaning Guests, as Well as Getting Destroyed by Them

Screenshot: BBC Video Uploaded by Brandon

First, it was Ben Shapiro, then it was Nigel Farage, now it’s Carl Benjamin, more popularly known as YouTube’s Sargon of Akkad. All three of these men were victims of the BBC’s attempts to paint them as dangerous, extremist lunatics, and all three of them ended up shoving it right back in the BBC’s face.


Benjamin has decided to put his money where is mouth is and run for office under the UK’s United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). The YouTuber is very well known for being a leading figure in the skeptic community and began as a leftist who began finding more and more fault with the left as he went. As the Brexit movement began gaining more steam and attracting more heat, Benjamin decided to help by running for office.

Throughout his YouTube career, Benjamin has attracted no shortage of controversy for his views. Like many people like him, he’s often misquoted and taken out of context. As a pro-Brexit UKIP member, the BBC found Benjamin to be a target for their typical tactic of making right-leaning figures out to be mini-Hitlers.

Of course, as has been the case repeatedly, Benjamin turned it around on the BBC and interviewer Victoria Derbyshire, making them look like fools.

Derbyshire started off by asking why Benjamin has had drinks thrown on him, and he answered very frankly.

“Because you’re radicalizing people by lying about me,” answered Benjamin.

Derbyshire attempted to check-mate Benjamin by linking language to violence, but Benjamin pointed out the nuance.

“There is a link between telling lies about someone in the press,” said Benjamin gesturing to Derbyshire, “and you don’t seem to have any duty of care over this at all – and the things that they’re trying to do, because they don’t know what I stand for.”


Derbyshire continued to try to push the same gotcha question of linking language to violence as a way to connect Benjamin to a joke he had once told about rape. Benjamin noted the difference between purposefully inciting violence and telling jokes.

“This is why you have to de-contextualize it in order for what you’re saying to make sense,” said Benjamin.

Derbyshire said Benjamin sounded like a hypocrite for not equating his joke with the BBC’s incitement, as well as normalizing rape language with his jokes. Meanwhile, Benjamin wasn’t having it.

“I’m not inciting people. You are inciting people,” said Benjamin. “Every single person I’ve spoken to about the things that you have said about me don’t understand any of it. And if I just sit there and interrogate these people who are alleging things about me, I can just sit there and explain to them the context, and they go “well, that’s not very important is it.”

“I’m normalizing comedy,” he added. “Because at this point comedy is under attack in this country.”


The BBC has recently attempted to malign UKIP leader Nigel Farage during an interview, in which the BBC didn’t fare too well either.

Before that, the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro also appeared on the BBC to discuss his new book, only to have his beliefs mischaracterized and attacked.

You can watch the entire interview below.


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