WATCH: Pro-Lifers Prove They're More Energized and Numerous than Pro-Abortionists During Rally In Brian Sims Neighborhood

When a rally is planned, it’s usually put on with days and even weeks of advance notice. However, when a pro-life rally was planned in response to Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims after he had harassed and attempted to doxx teenage girls who were praying in front of a Planned Parenthood, people couldn’t wait to get together.


According to the Daily Wire, over 1,000 people gathered from all over the country to take part in the pro-life rally in front of the same Planned Parenthood where Sims harassed people. Matt Walsh, who spoke at the rally, noted that this kind of energy will never be seen at a pro-abortion rally, a group he calls “a sad and lethargic thing.”

Former Planned Parenthood exec Abby Johnson, the author of the book “Unplanned,” also spoke at the rally that the Daily Wire described as comprised mostly of women.

“It is time to refuse to ‘choose.’ We will not choose between one or the other. We will respect both women and their children, and their femininity, and their reproduction, and their fertility. And we will continue to do it until clinics like this no longer exist, and every woman who walks into a physician’s office is actually treated with love and respect and care,” she said according to the Daily Wire.

In fact, every speaker at the rally, with the exception of Matt Walsh, was a woman according to LifeNews.


The mother of the two bullied teens also showed up to say a few words to the crowd as well.

“God is moving in incredible ways and we’re just along for the ride; we are standing on the side of angels,” she added.

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles also showed up to cover the rally. He noted that many showed up, but noticeably missing was Sims who had apparently been invited to the rally in order to have a conversation with pro-lifers. However, as Knowles pointed out, Sims has no interest in actually talking with anyone. Without the ability to bully or intimidate, Sims was a no-show.


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